Black Woman by Nick Grant Ft. Stacy Barthe

“Black Woman” by Nick Grant Ft. Stacy Barthe

"Black Woman" by Nick Grant and Stacy Barthe

“Black Woman” is an ode to black women by Nick Grant featuring Stacy Barthe. In a world filled with rappers who degrade black women due to colorism, misleadership, and call us bitches, there’s a Nick Grant. His song “Black Woman” is a prolific song that is beautiful. I got wind of it when Sway “All Lives Mattered” Nick’s message in the song and thought to myself “how Sway?” How could YOU open your mouth to ask about the other women not mentioned? Are you not seeing our women being killed, denigrated, and told to stfu and deal with the world? Oh, ok. Anyways, the song was so beautiful it’s a living, breathing affirmation!

"Black Woman" by Nick Grant and Stacy Barthe

Nick states in the song: Verse 1  

Uh, forever a queen
Pure, black and ever so clean
When shit get hot
You help me watch for what these devils could bring
Responsible nightmares and having Federal dreams
And being grounded can bring you closer to heavenly things
I learn from you
I want you to teach me to love you
The missing piece to the puzzle
Single parent hustle
I feel stupid, thought cupid’s arrows too dull to cut through
Sweet Sadie you gimme sugar
Place none above you
That cocoa butter on your skin took the G outta me
Wanna be with a king
Coretta must be your kin


These lyrics are poetic and remind black women of all that we do for our men, children, and community. Watch the video below:

The video is filled with beautiful black women of all complexions which is what WE need. Positive images, women, and one black man taking a stand against a society who degrades black women with stereotypical bullsh*t. I appreciate Nick Grant and the beautiful melodious Stacy Barthe. 

Did you like the song? What about the representation in the video? 

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