Black Women and The 2017 #GlowUp

#GlowupBlack Women and The 2017 #GlowUp

Black women, 2017 is the year for the #glowup! We have to step it up and really make it our year. I mean what do we have to lose? We are already under Trump, already blamed for being angry, and we are still going to have resting bitch face. We might as well take it a step further and get the full #glowup together.

Here’s a few ways to #GlowUp ladies:

  1. Getcho fine ass a workout regimen! It’s imperative. You don’t have to be unhealthy or overweight. We can get us a plan and stick with it. Apart of your glow up needs to be adding effective exercise to your life. #Glowup#Glowup
  2. Read more insightful books and get some MOTIVATION! #Glowup
  3. Keep your hair POPPIN’. The crown is everything so make sure you with your #glowup, that head is laid honey! #glowup#glowup
  4. Use NATURAL products to have that GLOW for your skin, hair, and nails#Glowup#Glowup
  5. Save your Coins! #GlowUp#Glowup
  6. Invest in yourself. You can never glow up if you never INVEST in you! #GlowUp

2017 is the time and we have to hold each other accountable! Take notes, take risks, and really get down and dirty with it. I wish you much success, but one thing for certain this year is the year to step it up.



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