Black Women are Woke in 2016

Black Women, Magic

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Black women have arrived in 2016 with a newfound enlightenment; They are WOKE. I’m simply referring to the #BlackGirlMagic movement and other movements that have black women aware of their reality. The new movement that so many of us Melanin Millenials are taking a stand in.  Well, this Black Girl Magic movement was created by CaShawn celebrate the beauty, power and resilience of black women. We are elated over this small thread of strength and intelligence because honey someone had to start speaking on behalf of the queens out here.

Black Women, Magic,

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Melanin women are starting lucrative businesses while handling the 3 F’s: family, fashion, and fitness. We are beginning to appreciate each other’s differences and uplift one another instead of constantly being petty. Now we are still very much petty, but hey, the state of the world is making us link up to try for sisterhood.
Black Women, magic

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One of the most inspiring things about these new melanin girls is that they are finally in this health movement. These women are changing their diets, exercising, and banding together to help each other. We are starting to research our own natural foods, all natural ingredients, and applying these to live stronger and longer lives. Black Girls Workout Too creators are taking their clients to top with their expertise. Mother & Daughter fitness duo, Ellen and Lana Ector, have created fitness routines that  are specifically made for the Black woman trying to “snatch it back.” Lita Lewis is another wellness coach that slays in the workout department. These determined women are teaching younger women that health is wealth and that’s what’s keeping us around.

Women are out here rocking their coils, curls, kinks, and making sure that the world knows that they created the natural trends. It was the African American woman that pioneered their natural state before the Eurocentric standard of beauty dominated. Without much representation of us, black women begin creating natural, vegan, or all natural hair and beauty hair products. Terrinique Pennerman created Kurlee Belle for natural hair after finding that she couldn’t find many appropriate products for her hair. See that’s the beauty of this thing; independence and ownership. We are opening our eyes to how we want to live our life and thus creating a black haven for ourselves appreciating the culture we’ve worn as cloth all these years. They want to be knowledgeable about all things African American and once they master, they take off.
Black women, magic, Kurlee Belle

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Women are now taking motherhood by storm; with or without, the negative stereotypes. These mother’s are doctors, lawyers, teachers, waitresses, and whatever makes them happy. As I compose this article now, my one-month-old daughter is my lap nursing away; it’s totally normal now. I can sip my coffee, write an article, be concerned multiple black issues, and support all the black-owned businesses I want and so are these other women. That’s it, we must be able to channel, support, create, compose, and feel passionate about the things we want to and be woke AF after it. Channeling it has only made this beginning year of 2016 amazing and finally I look forward to what other black women will be doing and how they will be inspiring.



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