Black Entrepreneurs who are Winning in Business

Flava In Ya Ear Presents: Black Entrepreneurs Who Are Winning in Business

Black entrepreneurs

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When it comes to inspiring others and sharing the knowledge you’ve gained sometimes is easier said than done. But not today, I am here to introduce a few fellow black women who aren’t afraid to challenge the social stigma. These women are sharing with the generation that our race can come together for sisterhood, entrepreneurial advice, and business.

A lot of women are so afraid to reach out to the next woman, and share a compliment much less some knowledge. Is it that we are afraid she will outdo us? Are we afraid that someone is going to steal our shine? Well, I am here to tell you it’s OK. I used to just follow women I saw that were inspiring and I too was intimidated. I am human I admit that. I thought they would not help me or share tips. Wrong, the more I watched, the more I saw that these women were more than willing. So willing that I was allowed to speak with them and help bring awareness to women of color.

We are not jealous of one another I figured just women waiting for a fellow woman to bring out that spark in us we allowed to die. Featuring these women is way more than a pleasure. I have been successfully stalking my success for years, and they finally know why I was just merely watching.

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Paris Warr Facebook is:

Paris Warr is well known as “Celebrity Princess,” as one of Atlanta’s most energetic, upbeat, and one of the realest DJ’s. When it comes to success, Warr is doing so much hustling and gaining. Talking with her, I found it was nice to learn how humble and “normal” she really is. She is a self-motivator that was her own mentor. Just think how hard that must’ve been to inspire yourself through any adversity. She actually taught herself to DJ and has been nonstop for almost 12 years. This isn’t her first venture either, she even had her own shoe store. Usually, people think that you are capped to one industry and that you have to stay committed to that industry. They want you to do all works within that particular field, but Paris Warr is not going to be confined to just one stream of income. She definitely shows diversity in having a place that is not music related with her other entrepreneurial ventures. This independent power house overcomes stereotypes easily, in fact simply, there are none in her eyes. I do imagine anything that may come her way she can achieve it, and with solid faith too.

“At times, my business needs a bit more attention, but I also don’t have to be in the club all night,”  Warr tells me. The best advice I think she has for a fellow melanin entrepreneur  is how she does not take an NO. “Never listen to a no! 100 No’s is nothing compared to that 1 yes! Embrace a no.” Warr states confidently. Law of averages shows that proof every day, so we should really take heed to that statement. She doesn’t regret anything she’s gone through which inspires and teaches me a lot. God has a plan and it’s already written.


As a radio personality, it brings so much joy to know that her theme song to life is “Independent Women” by Destiny’s Child. When I first met her, she walked with an essence of strong independence. I totally agree that she would have that theme song play as she walks into a room. “I am very independent, and I am every woman and no one is going to take that from me. I don’t care who it is!” She says.

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I value you, Paris Warr, you show many women that you are not afraid to attack any challenge. You show women we can do anything and be independent.

In light of spreading love for a fellow sister I admire, she is sharing her love of her friend Tee Tee. A woman who is not afraid to be the best her she can be. Overcoming the death of her mother, and smiling the entire time.

She L Robinson, Sisterhood is the first word that comes to mind when I think of this next young conqueror. I must say watching her has been nothing short of a mental breakthrough. She L Robinson is a wave of positive energy, especially when it comes to the female community. Another woman who was not quite mentored, but with a mixture of many reliable people she came into her own movement. A woman who was her own inspiration and laid a great foundation and platform for women to join and share love with one another. She advises, “I found no value in being like everyone else nor devaluing the ingenuity and authenticity in being myself.”

She has always dared to be different but she also embraces the difference in others and still values them. She helps spread the message to women that we have a purpose and can accomplish whatever we put our faith in. She seems to be a woman of her word, which is no surprise considering her brand and business, Business Women Of Purpose. That is how I stumbled upon this precious diamond. She states a woman once told her that “when you say something, you’ve already begun executing it before you finish explaining the idea or concept to anyone. You’re always 10 steps ahead of the game, She.” That honestly says a lot about a person especially in the business world. Her greatest achievement is Robinson Squared(2012). Aside from BWOP(2015), She L is in demand being a platform to bring awareness to women that we can work together and achieve major things together.


Keyword being TOGETHER and within her networks, I see women being uplifted and open. I see women who are major business women and have a knowledge base out of this world and are willing to spread and help a fellow sister achieve her goals as well. For thinking of us enough to establish such avenues, I admire you She L Robinson. I always wonder how my women of color overcome the challenge of just that– being a woman of color. It is refreshing to know she understands why I ask. We are always viewed as ghetto, loud, and having an attitude so we are passed over when it comes to opportunities.

We may have limited access to capital and other resources  sometimes needed to be as successful as any other race, in America that is. She too agrees that the law of averages is in the universes favor. Allow all of those no’s to motivate you to find that one amazing yes. Her advice is breathtaking, “Pressure creates diamonds so know that for every amount of pressure you endure, you are being developed into that diamond that you were created to be so that you can shine brighter than ever before.”

Managing being a former wife and a mother was a challenge, but she was determined to not allow the effects of living crash her strive for business. I spread this love for her because like her, I do not want to have the regret of not having the knowledge and the will to push sooner. She is a real down to earth woman who is not afraid to share her growth and knowledge with fellow women. She states, “We don’t always have our claws out…” I can hear this song blast when she appears in a room, James Brown “This is a Man’s World.”  I value the statement of that song alone so to see her be a powerful woman of color and a true woman of purpose this is the best
song for her.

I value you She L, you truly show women that we can be uplifting to one another, we can be successful and make changes in the world TOGETHER.

In light of spreading the love for a fellow sister, she would like to spread her admiration for Teneisha Pinkney. “She’s not an entrepreneur, but she is an amazing professional that I see many elements of myself in because I was blessed to have her in my life. Her love, respect and unwavering loyalty have been momentous in me seeing that it has all been worth it.”

Young women, we can do anything; they are showing us we can and we will. Do not be afraid to reach out and ask questions. We are really winning in the business field as well as many other fields. We can come together and spread love bring awareness, and, more importantly, generate longevity for ourselves. Sometimes all it takes is for one woman to appreciate another and let that become contagious.

I featured these women because they are vibrant examples of what we can all do if we dedicate time to ourselves and our aspirations. At times, we are so caught up in what the next is doing, that’s fine. But how about be caught up in their ambition. Get caught in their aura, learn from the next woman she may become more to you than you think. I learned that I was able to accomplish more of what I wanted when I reached out to someone I admire.

Most of us have that face because we really care and assume the next woman is hating on us. Most times that woman is admiring the next woman. A closed mouth will not get fed, and we have so much food for thought we can feed nations my beautiful young women of color. Stop acting like you hate her when you love her. Certain situations would have you try and save that sisters life, so why when things are cool normal or a random Tuesday must we hate on her? Tell her you like her shoes and she may love your hair, tell her she has the tag still on her bags she may tell you your track is showing. We are the same and until we understand that we are mothers and it starts with us, we cannot help our men!

Follow these women on their journey:

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