“Blue Cheese” By Ariel Adams

Blue Cheese “Blue Cheese” By Ariel Adams

Blue Cheese was placed on my desk by an established author, writer, and business owner Ariel L. Adams. I was to edit the poetry book and leave it at that, but I realized that Ariel had much more to say then pretty rhyme schemes and sugary words of love and other mushy shit. She wanted to make sure that everyone reading could really get the motivation to seek themselves within themselves. Troubles do not last always and that you are more than enough to get through the storm.

Reading the book, I laughed at her vulgarity, her true self, her true words, and how much of a weed token, outspoken, and hilarious woman she appears in the book. There were some poems that I could definitely relate to and then there weresomewhere I was like whet? But figured it out and respected the true meaning behind each stanza, line, and word.

One of my favorite poems of the collection is “Struggling Reflection” which is a real account about being a broke college student who meets an elder gentleman and contemplates being a sugar baby to pay her bills until post-grad and it’s too late! I can soooo relate; there were many times, I was going to find me someone to sponsor me. If you know me personally than you know I did a FB post about it the other day!

I suggest reading the book and dissecting it for yourself. There are 90 poems and some of them are one liners so no excuses. Everything is neatly arranged by number and it’s a great read. It’ll be available for purchase TODAY February 16th and available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for $21! I read the book in three days total!

Along with reading the book, I had a chance to sit down with the poet Ariel to really get the scoop on the book:


PMA: Tell readers what inspired “Blue Cheese” and what you expect to happen with this new project of poetry?

A: “Blue Cheese” derived from one of my family members suddenly being sick. He made the best lemon pepper wings and I love to dip it in blue cheese. It’s about what you dip yourself into when you are sick going through healing. I expect this project to take me further than my imagination can fathom. Public Speaking is something I’d love to do with the hopes of inspiring people to talk more about what they are currently experiencing so that I or someone else can guide them into their very own dipping sauce for healing.

PMA: So each of your poems is prepping the person for their own perfect dipping sauce? Basically, a guide to empower themselves to get themselves together.

A: Exactly!

Blue Cheese PMA: What’s your favorite poem of the collection and why?

A: It’s a poem called “Social Security.” This is my favorite poem because it’s education, knowledge, and people in one. It’s law and it’s something one has to ponder to consider an understanding.

PMA: What message do you want for readers of “Blue Cheese”?

A: Everything you need to change and grow is already here, now.

Make sure you go and support a queen with her words of encouragement, truth, and hilarity. It’s worth the purchase; deep, thoughtful, and sometimes a double looker to really interpret the message. Find Ariel L. Adams here and like the page. Add her on IG!


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