Bobbi Kristina Brown To Be Taken Off Life Support

Bobbi   Bobbi Kristina Brown To Be Taken Off Life Support

Sadly, it appears Bobbi Kristina Brown​ will be taken off of life support by week’s end as Whitney Houston’s family members are trying to convince Bobby Brown to take her off life support.

For almost nine weeks, the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown has been on life support. Experts believe that the life support is meant to be on trial basis for a week and if doctors don’t find the response improving they can take the life support off as it is the common understanding.

But in the case of Bobbi Kristina Brown, her father Bobby Brown has kept the life support intact thus far despite doctors clearly telling him that there was no chance of her surviving. Until now he kept on talking about some sort of miracle. While the Houston family surely have a financial reason to officially end Brown’s life, I think Bobby cannot bear the loss of his last tie to the love of his life. She is also Brown’s only daughter. It has been apparent for weeks that Bobbi Kris is not going to wake up.

This child grew up in a drug den and although Booby Brown was vilified as being the reason. Whitney was on drugs, here is one sad simple truth, he is here and he is clean and sober (except for cigarettes) and Whitney is no longer here due to her drug use. It would also appear that her daughter, who wanted to emulate her mother has done exactly that. Drug addicted surrounded by enablers who allowed her to sink further into her drugs and alcohol.


The ill-advised “Houston’s On Our Own” reality television (and thankfully short lived) showed that Bobbi Kris was headed down the exact same road as her mother and because just like her mother, she had the money and they kept quiet. The failure to keep Bobbi Kris from this path is far worse than Whitney. Bobbi Kris was underage when these patterns emerged and the entire world could see that she was lost and in agony over the death of her mother. Having lost my mother to suicide and my father to murder, I know the harshness and pain of that sudden loss, and though you learn to cope, the pain is always just under the surface.

I say this not just to everyone, but to the black community especially as we have a tendency to ignore or not speak about mental health, the benefits of counseling, and in some cases medication. I have shared publically that I have PTSD and if I gave my therapist permission they’d tell you I didn’t want the stigma that comes with that. I have chosen to be vocal because despite having a mental illness: I have made a success out of my life both personally and professionally. When you see someone drowning, for the love of humanity, throw them a lifeline. By doing nothing, you might as well hold their heads downs forcefully.


Our hearts and positive energy and prayers are with both sides of this poor young woman’s families who will be left again in the aftermath knowing they could’ve and should’ve done more. Please don’t find yourself in their shoes.

Clive Davis and The Recording Acedemy Presents the Annual Pre-Grammy Gala(If you’re wondering why we have chosen not to mention the criminal investigation and or Nick Gordon, it is because we do NOT pander in gossip or things we cannot prove. All information in this article is gleamed from watching the show, news reports, and interviews from Bobby Brown just weeks before his daughter fell into a coma. If and when something concrete is brought to light about Mr. Gordon we will report it responsibly.)

Photo Credit: Bobbi Kristina’s Instagram & Twitter Accounts Whitney & Bobbi via Huffington Post UK






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One thought on “Bobbi Kristina Brown To Be Taken Off Life Support

  1. Patricia Hamilton Kephart

    Bobby Brown has moved on with his life and doing well.He has other children besides Bobbi & a beautiful wife (not to mention a bay on the way) It looks like God gave him a second chance so I hope he doesn’t blow it. Whitney & Bobbi didn’t overcome drugs or the fast life style they lived which got the best of them.You can’t lay with dogs and not get fleas.They were encircled with vultures who used them up and threw them both away when they were done.It’s quite obvious Bobbi lived in a drug den after Whitney died.I imagine Bobby will continue to have a hard time dealing with what happened to Bobbi more than most parents would because of the drugs him & Whitney used but Bobbi witnessed it first hand.If anyone knew how bad drugs are she did but she didn’t care. Regardless of who benefits financially from Bobbi’s death Cissy & Bobby are the only one’s who’ll suffer in this.It won’t be Pat Houston or Nick.


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