Boss Chick Spotlight: From Science To Sell Out, An Engineers’ Blueprint To Creating The Life She Loves

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Chemical Engineer uses her ingenuity by creating an unforgettable experience for weddings and various enjoyable celebrations across the globe. 

Life might have you focused on one career path that pushes you into a new direction of accomplishing dreams unimaginable. EPIC Events & Production CEO Joi Williams is an astounding Event Producer based in New Orleans, LA who is continuously creating unique experiences for clients near and far. 

This year, EPIC does the 25th Anniversary for Essence Festival and it is dressed from head to toe for an extraordinary experience you do not want to miss. Those who have traveled to Essence Fest during July 4th won’t have to worry about where they are going to stay and making sure they are not missing events surrounding the festival in addition to the star-studded line-up with EPIC at the wheel. With JW Marriott hotel and party packages galore, they have created an ease-of-mind opportunity for Essence Festival goers. PMA got a chance to catch up with Palm Coast, Florida native Joi Williams in an exclusive chat to discuss STRUT, ‘The Fashion Experience’ plus other events forthcoming surrounding Essence and much more.

As a natural introvert, Joi felt like E.P.I.C. was inevitable because it’s really something she’s always wanted to do. “Being a problem solver and asking “How?” has always been her strengths,“ She stated. Joi graduated from Florida A&M University with a Chemical Engineering Degree and received her M.B.A. at the University of North Alabama. When it came to hosting parties, Joi admitted she didn’t like to necessarily be the center of attention but rather attend and not be the face. The multi-skilled creative enjoys making people feel good and wanting to make sure the parties she hosts are the biggest thing on that day. E.P.I.C. Events have been 13 years in the making although it’s been 1 1/2 since they’ve been in business. E.P.I.C. stands for Events Production and Innovation Creations where the company was at-first geared towards weddings until Joi started to look into different elements of industry events and ways she could utilize her organization skills from being in the background. 

In 2011, Joi began to take a ‘leap of faith’ like never before upon relocating to New Orleans, LA with her husband. Her new job at the time turned out to be a bad move. She began to become toxic mentally questioning her purpose. Although things were deteriorating at her job, other aspects of Joi’s life were elevating and she didn’t know it. The dynamic event planner began to step out on faith and just start what was in her all along, E.P.I.C. Events. The nature of being an engineer gets her stuck from over-analyzing because she wouldn’t let go of what was out of her control. I think we can all attest to that, right? When asked what was her greatest milestone, she replied, “My greatest milestone is that I am still in business, because it’s very easy to quit. Also, having my mom advocate for my programs has been so helpful. It really takes being in the industry to understand how really multi-faceted it is.” 

STEMS are becoming more popular and to Joi, people might actually be complicating the meaning of it. She encourages schools and other organizations to simplify what STEM really is. “It’s all about creating things and studying how things happen. I enjoy watching Bar Rescue with Jon Taffer because they apply science to how they will become successful. I encourage everyone to get engaged in STEM activities as often as you can, “ The former Chemical Engineer stated.

E.P.I.C. does Essence weekend is coming fast and the ultimate party with a purpose experience with have three separate events going on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. On Thursday, July 4th there will be a kick-off to the Essence Festival 25th Anniversary at one of New Orleans’ newest spots called Vue (1600 Canal, St.). On Friday, STRUT Fashion Experience: Essence Edition and Sunday, July 7th, Up In Smoke: Hookah & Cigar Day Party will take place at New Orleans Board of Trade (316 Magazine, St.). STRUT will be like nothing E.P.I.C. has done before during Essence Fest weekend.

There will be dance performances, great food, shopping, ‘Strut Your Stuff’ giveaway opportunities to audience members who dare to strut on the catwalk, fierce fashion throughout the entire event in addition to fun-times awaiting. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Paragon Academy, a mentoring program for girls ages 15-17 that’s dedicated to empowering them with the tools and confidence they need to achieve their full potential. E.P.I.C. will have a Branding and Business Panel which will include Celebrity Publicist Marquise Derrian Singletary better known as I Am Phreshy in the industry (Blac Chyna, LaLa Millan, Cardi B and more), 5-time Ted Talk Jullien Gordon, New Orleans Radio Personality #Power 102.9 Downtown Lesli Brown, Meelah Williams of Music Group 702, 7 Figure Coach Nikki Jackson and more. The tickets for the events are going fast so be sure to get yours’ soon!

About EPIC Events & Productions, LLC.

Based in southern Louisiana, EPIC Events & Productions, LLC. is a boutique event production and management company that focuses on turn-key group event management and events-based marketing for brands, companies, and special interests. Founded in 2016, by chemical engineer Joi Williams, EPIC (Events, Production, and Innovative Creations), uses innovative creativity, strategic partnerships, and the strong project management background of the owner to deliver custom and memorable experiences.  EPIC is in its second year hosting EPIC does Essence, with a 200% increase in attendees over last year.  To learn more about EPIC, visit

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