The Bridal Party EP 1

The Bridal PartyThe Bridal Party

Epi. 1: Joint Rooms


                The large gray blinds in the W Midtown made the room dark, but the light broke through the openings in the blinds. The room felt cold but under the white cotton sheets it was warm as the two bodies in the bed cuddled perfectly. The king size bed was comfortable, spacious, large wall to ceiling back mirrors, and a gorgeous glass shower in the right corner of the room. The light air and sound of the AC relaxed both parties in the bed. Sinnamon stirred around in the bed and placed her hand on Quincy’s flaccid Johnson.

                “Mmm,” He moaned a little slightly waking from the slight squeeze. Sinnamon rolled over to face Quincy and stared into brown face. Quincy was 6’0 with a brown Milk Dud rounded baldhead, a crisp line with his full black beard. He opened his eyes and the hazel color pulled Sinnamon in.

                “Good morning, baby.” She whispered. Quincy opened his eyes and licked his lips. His arm moved around Sinnamon’s body pulling her closer to him. His lips kissed her neck, her shoulders, her chin, and finished with meeting her mouth. They hungrily sucked and swallowed each other’s saliva and morning breath without hesitation. Sinnamon and Quincy were both ass naked as they lovingly fondled, caressed, and kissed each other. Sinnamon straddled Quincy riding him without penetration, he held her body close to his and both parties closed their eyes to enjoy this moment.

                “I don’t know how much longer I can go home to her, Sin like I know what I want.” Quincy spoke into Sinnamon’s ear.

                “I know baby. Let’s wait until Asia and Brian tie the knot to keep the wedding out of our drama. I am tired of seeing Darren and sharing my nigga with a low-grade, mediocre bitch.” Sinnamon stated lifting from the hug to stare into his hazel eyes. 

BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG! The banging of the door interrupted their talk. Both parties looked at each other and dashed from the bed naked. Quincy ran around the room, dick bouncing 360 degrees as he wrestled with picking up articles of clothing that were on the floor from their drunken date night. Again, they always blamed on Asia and Brian’s joyous occasion to insert their infidelities. They didn’t know who it was but housekeeping wouldn’t be banging on the door.

                “Sinnamon, baby, it’s Darren. Wake up, shawty.” Darren’s deep voice made Quincy and Sinnamon freeze.

                “W-T-F?” Sinnamon mouthed. Quincy shook his head and hopped around to put his legs into his silk underwear. Sinnamon covered her naked body in a white silky robe and through her naturally long locks into a ponytail. She quickly walked to her room’s vanity picking up her feminine wipes and wiped between her thighs to clean herself up and Quincy looked on.

                “You are going to be my wife, you know that?” Quincy smile was far beyond a general statement. It sparkled and the glow behind his eyes spoke volumes. Sinnamon had always been the one that got away from him when they were in their early 20’s. She wanted to settle down and he wanted to pursue basketball and other women. But staring at her in the present moment just three weeks sort of Asia’s wedding, something inside of his stomach and chest clicked.

                “Shut up and go. I will come for you when he leaves.” Sinnamon started pushing Quincy into his conjoining bedroom.

                “I love you Sinnamon Joseph.” Quincy mouthed quietly as he stood between a door and the love of his life.

                “I love you too, Q. I’ll see you in a few.”

                “Aye, don’t give that nigga my pussy. I mean that.” His tone was set, coarse, and serious.

                “I won’t.” She closed the door and ran to her bag. Darren continued knocking until Sinnamon hollered out.

                “I’m comin’ baby. Stop bangin’ on the door!” She dabbed Seduction oil behind her ears, thighs, and wrist before walking to the front door of the room. Sinnamon walked to the door and opened it with squinted eyes and her sleeping mask with the word ‘Bridesmaid’ etched in the fabricate resting over her smooth dark brown forehead.

                “What Darren?” Sinnamon asked groggily and angrily as he stood there annoying looking past her into the hotel room. He doesn’t speak but pushes past her to look in the room. He found nothing.

                “Where are the other girls?” He questioned.

                “Asia and Nyla are in the conjoining room and Alexis went with them to get us breakfast. I had a headache so I took some medicine and laid down a little longer. Why are you here?” She gritted the words through her teeth expressing her annoyance with him and his delusional ways.

                “Lately, you’ve been working late, spendin’ all your time with the wedding party, and you’ve been around Q. I’m just makin’ sure you haven’t been fuckin’ this nigga.” Darren responded in a serious tone.

                “I’m goin’ to say this one last time. I do not like insecure ass men. The last thing I am going to do is date a nigga that is tracking my every move. Sit the fuck down and shut up.” Darren didn’t fight back, he sat and she opened her robe exposing her naked melanin body. Darren stared at the 5’8 beauty; her long ponytail tapped the median of her back and it was naturally hers. Her skin was a little lighter than charcoal black as she was Trinidadian. Her eyes were almond shape, dark brown, and her lips were the color of hot cocoa. Sinnamon placed her leg over his shoulder exposing her waxed chocolate lips and a glimpse of her pink fleshy clit.

                “Do you want to taste this poonani to check if I’ve been smashin’ Q?” Sinnamon boldly asked staring directly into Darren’s brown eyes.

                “Nah, I just want the truth.” He responded.

                “Well, is there anyone else here? No. Honestly, I’ve been feeling the stress and strain so I’ve planned us a night to remember tonight. So, go home, let me finish my bridesmaid duties, and I’ll be to you shortly.” Darren and Sinnamon talked a few moments longer before he exited the suite. Sinnamon sat on the couch breathing hard and trying to catch her breath after almost getting caught.

                Sinnamon walked over to the door, opened it, and peeped into the room. Quincy’s chocolate ass was peeking through the glass shower. She entered his room, dropped her robe, and showered with the man she loved.


*                                                                                           *                                                                         *

                Asia showered with Brian practically holding her breath. They hadn’t had sex in almost six months and she was feigning to taste, feel, and touch his bomb ass eight-and-a-half-inch dick. He lathered the wash rag and scrubbed her with her natural black soap bar. Her arms were up against the back of the shower and Brian ran the rag down the middle of her back and popped her fat ass. Her pussy was wetter than the water that fell over her shoulders, back, and hair. The soap rinsed off her body as Brian stopped washing her and spread her legs and arms further as if he were arresting her.

                “In just three weeks, I’ll be slurping, sucking, and gettin’ in all of that pussy again. I can’t wait for you to be my wife.” Brian growled behind her.

                “I can’t wait either. Can you just massage it?” Asia whined in personal hell from not being able to make love to the love of her life.

                “No. I will finish washin’ bae then get ready for this Bride and Groom brunch that they are setting up for us at the W.” Brian responded.

                “Oh, ok.” Asia closed her eyes and reminisced about the bomb sex she shared with Brian four years prior. She respected trying to start a new, but she also missed the dick she had almost every night prior to their wedding! Brian turned Asia to face him as he washed her neck, under her arms, up her arms, down her around her nipples and he dominantly grabbed her throat pressing his lips to hers. She moaned a little locking her legs.

                “You are wrong for that,” Asia stated after suckling Brian’s tongue and rinsing off the soap inside of the shower.       

                “I know, baby. But please know I want you back.” His hard-on was evident that he wanted Asia back but they both dressed for their brunch filled with lust, love, and they were ready to start their life together.



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