The Bridal Party: Epi 2 Bachelorette Party planning

The Bridal Party

The Bridal Party

Epi 2: Bachelorette Party Planning

Nyla, Sinnamon, and Alexis relaxed comfortably on Asia’s gray sectional. Their manicured toes were curling in her plushy silken glam rug. Their mimosas were planted neatly on the golden circular Italian side table that sat in the center of the living room. The sectional was decorated with cute peach and white pillows that made the women relax in comfort in their friend’s home. They all were chatting small talk and chattering until Nyla pulled a large, scrapbook out with a decorated title “Asia’s Bachelorette Party” and sat it on the table. 

“Ladies, we don’t have much time, but we will make sure that our best friend has a blast for her bachelorette party. I have put together some ideas, but I already know what some of you want.” Nyla interrupted everyone’s conversation to start the meeting. Asia sat on the couch with her legs crossed, her silk wrap dress was short, sexy, and refreshing for a bridal brunch meeting. 

“I want to have a ball, but I don’t want balls in my face y’all seriously.” Asia chimed in immediately. She didn’t want strippers. Brian probably would have hoes, but she didn’t want to spend her last single night gyrating with a stranger’s peen. 

“Bitch, what? I’ve waited for this entire wedding process to get you to loosen the fuck up and look at some dick!” Sinnamon jumped up. 

“Simmer the hell down, Sin. We are going to have to come to a consensus.” Nyla chimed in. 

“I mean let’s go get some pampering and then go to a bomb ass dinner where we can dress up and slay these regular hos,” Asia added with a saddity tone. 

“You are so boring! Ever since you got all boo’d the hell up you act like you can’t get a little loose. We already have to be perfect in this wedding, why the hell do we have to be perfect patty’s for the bachelorette party?” Alexis chimed in surprisingly. 

“I agree, Asia you’ve been a little borrrrrring since the proposal. We glad you are happy and in love but damn!” Sinnamon joined the conversation. 

“I get it, but if y’all were being served with that beefy, curvy dick I was gettin’ before this fuckin’ wedding you’d understand why I have to stay away from other folks peens! I am high strung and in need of some dick! It’s been six fuckin’ months.” Asia lifted the fluke off the Italian table swallowing the mimosa aggressively. 

“Oh, damn. Did you agree to the wait until marriage deal? I forgot, but I’m sorry we are going to have fun by all means.” Nyla commented. 

“The question is, what is the plan? I mean technically Asia isn’t even supposed to know we are planning it.” Alexis asked swallowing a gulp of mimosa. 

“Let’s start with brunch at a bomb ass Atlanta hot spot. After brunch, we can definitely get pampered at somebody spa, then we will need a nap. We can go back to our rooms, relax, then head out to the mansion where we will have a lit evening. Or would you prefer a party bus?” Nyla started planning and speaking to the group. 

“It doesn’t sound too bad, I mean I would prefer a party bus if we are going to get an hotel. That way we can be dropped back off safely with the driver. The mansion is too dangerous!” Asia chimed in. 

“Asia, now we are going to let you put in your ideas but we will tighten and finalize the plans when we aren’t surrounded by Miss Know-It-All or Miss Goody-Two-Shoes.” 

“Whatever, I’m trying to save you the time and money.” 

“You don’t have any say. This is our favorite part of the whole marriage!” Sinnamon stated before Alexis swatted her smacking her arm. “I mean, besides the whole I do part. I mean we want you happy hell you are already the happiest bitch in this house so that’s a given, but I have been looking forward to this bachelorette party slay!” 

“I know y’all want to get loose,” Asia stated standing up from her cozy spot on the sectional. “But make sure it’s clean fun and not anything that will cause my man to think I’m some secret slutty buddy!” 

“But you are!” Alexis, Sinnamon, and Nyla howled throughout the house. All the women bursts into agreed laughter. 

“Shut up, I have an appointment with Apryl about the wedding. I will see you later and y’all have a key so lock my shit up please.” Asia exited the living room and stepped into her room to retrieve her purse and coat. 

“You’re wearing that to meet with the wedding planner?” Alexis questioned staring at her curvy hips and round brown breast that were peeking through the wrap dress. 

“Yes, Brian will be there. If I have to suffer from dick withdrawals, oh he will feel the pressure too. It’s a war.” Asia commented before walking toward the front door. 

“You are so petty but valid. Be safe, your bridesmaids love you!” Alexis commented before Asia disappeared. 


“She’s gone. Let’s go ahead and book the suite and the party bus. We are going to be lit that night.” Alexis proceeded to pull out her laptop and pull up the sites to book the bachelorette party. 

“The luxury suite at the Four Seasons will be about $700-$1600, but we’ve all been saving our coins and adding it to the bachelorette and bridal party fund. Also, Mama Roxie volunteered about $500 since we started saving. The room is tailor-made for our classy best friend. It’s equipped with marble countertops, beautiful ass Atlanta view for the morning after and a serious Beyonce 7/11 remake Bride edition outside patio. Asia will flip when she sees we really do listen to her saditty ass.” 

“Let’s go booking crazy!” Alexis hyped it up!


*                                                                                    *                                                                                      *

Asia sat in her car rummaging through her and Brian’s sexual pictures. It had been six months of abstinence and those months were filled with dry humping, phone sex, sexting, and relentless masturbation. Brian pulled up in his black Jeep Wrangler blasting Jay-Z’s “4:44” album. His jeep next to hers was massive, but Rihanna still boomed through her speakers and out of her windows.

            “Ay, excuse me gorgeous.” Brian’s voice was deep. His eyes were slanted like crescent moons with deep-rich brown eyes with perfectly sculpted thick eyebrows. His hair was black and he wore it in a low ponytail. His beautiful exotic features were just one point of interest. His interests in nature, black women, and law attracted Asia from the beginning.

            “Hello, sir,” Asia replied turning down her music in her red Subaru Outback to engaged Brian.

            “You are beyond beautiful. I would love to have lunch with you.” His white teeth looked as if it were shining back at her and both of his dimples sunk in like A.C Slater from “Saved by the Bell”. Asia was roughly 5’3, about 115 pounds soaking wet with long black locks that were extended with expensive wavy hair extensions. Her eyelashes were naturally long uncovering her light brown eyes that Brian loved to stare into ever since their first encounter. Although she was small, she had a large bust, slim waist, and her ass poked slightly in her dress. Both of them stared at one each other in disbelief that they had each other.

            “I would love to, but my fiancé will be pulling up to meet with our wedding coordinator.” Asia exposed her 2.00 carat Halo Diamond, princess cut with a 14K white gold finish engagement ring.

            “Mm, he’s a lucky man.” Asia gathered Michael Kors bag, wedding folder, and stepped out the car. The two soul mates shared an intimate hug before Brian noticed her skintight dress.

            “It’s like that?” Brian asked looking at his Nia Long look-alike fiancé.

            “Yep,” she began to walk away, but Brian stepped forward and pressed his pink lips onto hers pressing his tongue into her mouth. A jolt of excitement shot through both of their bodies.

            “Goddamn,” They muttered, linked their hands, and entered the meeting with Apryl, the wedding coordinator.  


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