The Bridal Party: Epi 3 “Issa Secret”

The Bridal Party: Epi 3

“Issa Secret”

The Bridal Party

The pregnancy test rested on the counter alone revealing that it’s a positive result. The apartment was small with one bedroom and one bathroom. The brown love seats were empty as the bridesmaid exited the home for work. She couldn’t bear to look at the results without her lover. Jitters and analysis set in, but the answer was positive for pregnancy.

*                                                                           *                                                                                                        *

Bridesmaid GroupMe Chatroom

Asia: Soooo, has anyone heard from Lexi?

Nyla: Nope.

Sinnamon: No, but it means she has a man! She’s not slick.

Asia: Exactly.

Nyla: Y’all, she’s been working overtime and studying.

Sinnamon: Oh, shut up Ny! Stop sticking up for her.

Nyla: I’m just giving acts heffa!

Asia: When is the last time outside of planning the bachelorette party?

Nyla: We facetime’d last night.

Sinnamon: And?

Asia: What happened?

Nyla: She talked to me briefly before she had to go and shower. She has a damn job like the rest of you heffas!

Asia: Did she seem normal?

Nyla: She was exhausted from work and she seemed annoyed.

Sinnamon: She’s fuckin’ somebody, y’all. She’s super-secretive so it’s an option!

Alexis: Stop being messy!

Asia: Ohhhh, heyyyyy Lex.

Sinnamon: Heyyyyy.

Nyla: Hey best friend.

Alexis: Y’all blowing me up at work talkin’ shit.

Asia: At least we’re upfront. What’s going on?

Alexis: Work, work, and more work.

Asia: Mmkay.

Sinnamon: We HEARD you.

Nyla: Told y’all.

Asia: Don’t be a suck-up best friend, Nyla.

                The group stopped texting, but Asia called Sinnamon. Sinnamon added Nyla to the call to further discuss the matter.

                “Still think she’s being truthful?” Asia questioned aloud.

                “Yes, something is up. Who the fuck is she dating?” Nyla publicly admitted.

                “This is great news for sis, but she’s being weird and secretive. She usually waits a few months, but I feel that she’s been a little too sneaky, sickly, or preoccupied.” Sinnamon commented.

                “Well, let it ride for now. She’s going to have to tell us something and soon.” Asia stated. The rest of the bridesmaids agreed and continued small shit talk about each of their situations.

                “So, Sinnamon have you told your man that you are fuckin’ Quincy again?” Asia spilled out of her mouth.

                “Right?” Nyla chimed in. Sinnamon cleared her throat aware that she hadn’t been as sneaky as she thought.

                “Hell no. I cannot tell him that I’m fuckin’ the love of my life.” Sinnamon replied.

                “Well, when did you discover that twin was the one for you this time?” Asia questioned.

                “The moment we laid eyes on each other at the first meeting dinner,” Sinnamon was a loud friend filled with stories, sex adventures, and a slick mouth.  When she said that sentence, the line went quiet. Asia understood all too well what it meant; her friend was ready to settle down for once and all with Quincy.

                “Goddamn sis, now that’s a deep statement,” Nyla stated feeling the passion as well.

                “Yes, we’ve been going out on dates and having more sex than I’ve had in forever with Darren. My whole heart is disinterested in Darren now. He knows it, I can tell. I just don’t want to break a fucking heart, but I have to. I am in love with Quincy and the shit is getting old trying to act like that’s not the case.”

                “I feel you, girl. I don’t know what I would do without Brian.”

                “We know Asia!” Sinnamon and Nyla huffed jokingly.

                “Just reminding the lonely bitches out here in the world,” Asia responded.

                “Ain’t nobody lonely. Some of us have a career instead of a man.” Nyla was salty. Her relationships were nonexistence lately due to furthering her career.

                “We know Nyla,” Sinnamon responded.

                “I have to go y’all, but we will continue trying to figure out the mystery with Alexis.”


                Kameron and Alexis walked into the small apartment together. They held grocery bags for their Shrimp Alfredo and Caesar salad that Alexis felt she couldn’t live without. Alexis was about to die from anticipation and Kameron had been too excited to think of any other thing. He was a twin and hoped for beautiful twin girls with the woman of his dreams. He just didn’t know that it would be with his best friend’s fiancé’s bridesmaid. Alexis was dark chocolate complexioned with the resemblance of Duckie Thot. Her skin was always flawlessly beat to accentuate her darker skin, but people would still stare within in the first couple of meetings. She was used to it and even made it into an inside joke stating they must’ve fallen in love with the moon when staring at her. Kameron was light bright with a low Caesar, muscular build and a comical personality.

                “I am about to die, baby, can we please go check the fuckin’ results?” Alexis asked as they sat everything down.

                “Yes.” The pair walked over to the piss test and before they turned it over they stared into each other’s eyes.

                “Whatever happens, we stay together and we love each other. We’ve been together for almost a year secretly and I don’t want anything to break us up.” Alexis warned.

                “I wouldn’t leave you no matter what,” Kameron responded kissing her lips softly. The pair didn’t say anything as Kameron picked up the test and the box.

                “Positive! WE-ARE-PREGNANT BABY WHOOOOOOOO!’ Kameron pulled Alexis into his arms and twirled her. Everything in her mind came full circle; she was a successful accountant, head over heels in love with a black man, and now carrying his child. Her world was dazed. Everything that happened to her was overwhelming and she bursts into to tears.

                “What’s wrong baby? I thought we wanted a kid.” Kameron consoled his girl.

                “I do, I was always told that I wasn’t able to conceive.”


The two were with child and yet another friend of the group had a secret.

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