The Bridal Party: “Ex-Communicated”

Epi 4: “Ex-Communicated”

The Bridal Party

                Darren sat at the edge of their bed playing Madden in his boxers and wife beater. The large Xbox headphones were placed over his ears as he listened to the live players spew joking aggressions over the Xbox world. Sinnamon’s phone vibrated somewhere behind him on their large Queen size bed with a large golden bed frame and furnished bedpost with golden accents. He ignored the vibrations first until he reached back to see what was the vibrating. Q’s name showed up as a text message. The second vibration was the Bridesmaid GroupMe messages. He rolled his eyes at the group message and refused to read what he considered petty bitches excited over someone else’s wedding. Darren continuously puts off going through Sinnamon’s personal things, but Q could be Quincy and Quincy was the love of her life. Sinnamon prepared homemade lasagna and the room was clear for FBI searching of Sinnamon’s device or at least look at Q’s messages.

                Q: Queen, thinkin’ of you. I cannot wait to see you.

  1. I love you. I hope you follow my lead so we can start our life.

Darren had tears in his eyes but wiped his eyes. Sinnamon felt around her phone and panicked when she didn’t have her phone. She walked up the stairs to find Darren staring down in her phone.

                “What are you doing?” Sinnamon snapped.

                “So, you are fuckin’ someone else?” Darren questioned Sinnamon in a wrath.

                “No, why are you jumpin’ to all that?” Sinnamon questioned her heart beating a mile a minute.

                “He can’t wait to see your dog ass so I’m just assuming the worst,” Darren stated directly. He pulled the headset off of his head and started the face off with Sinnamon.

                “That’s exactly why the fuck I’m talkin’ to someone else about. It’s like annoying to be with someone who doesn’t get you as a person and wants to change up your ways.” Sinnamon barked.

                “You shouldn’t be talking with or to anyone. This is a fuckin’ waste of time ever since you became a fucking bridesmaid you’ve been acting crazy.” Darren replied. Sinnamon is freaking out about the situation but calmed herself.

                “If that’s what you want to say then go ahead. I’m not going to play with you tonight.” Sinnamon stated walking toward the bathroom.

                “Are you really just going to walk to the bathroom instead of talking to me?” Darren stated.

                “Yes!” Sinnamon responded as she continued walking.

                “Why? To avoid this conversation?” Darren questioned.

                “To use the fuckin’ toilet! You want to fight, well I’m tired. I am going to pee, cook dinner, eat, then go my ass to bed.” Sinnamon responded before disappearing into the bathroom. Once out of Damien’s view, she stood in the mirror ashamed she’d been caught and that she hurt Darren. Quincy had always been Sinn’s soft spot ever since she was seventeen. She could never choose anyone over him and it reigned true in this moment. Quincy undeniably felt the same. Both felt like they were ready to get back to the place they left off at when they were twenty-three. Sinnamon slapped her hands on the sink staring at herself. Her scowl remained on her face, but she felt the same about Darren. He was overprotective, unable to understand her views and interest, and the physical attraction had diminished. Sinnamon pulled her hair into a high bun before exiting the bathroom.  

                “Darren, it’s simple. I’d prefer to separate. No, I haven’t slept with Quincy, however, I don’t want the temptation to go too far. I am not happy and I deserve peace. Please go home.” Darren suddenly grew still and very quiet. His eyes were low and glassy but he slowly began gathering his things.

                “I love you, Sinnamon. I’m a good man, baby please.” Darren finally spoke.

                “You are an amazing man, but we aren’t meat to be. We are just too different and I am so sorry,” Sinnamon apologized. The separated couple moped around, Sinnamon cooking and helping Darren pack before hugging and Darren leaving.

Good, Good GF Chat

Sinnamon: I broke up with Darren.

Asia: Bout damn time! So when you and Quincy going to stop sneaking around?

Sinnamon: Bitch, what?

Nyla: WE KNOW! Damn. I’m sad for my bro Darren but hell, I’m happy you dipped.

Sinnamon: How did you know?

Asia: We are your best friends. We know what dickmatized Quincy goo goo eyes look and we can always tell when he is back in love with you.

Nyla: It’s so cute though. Y’all will be next.

Sinnamon: Darren hates me. I would hate me.

Asia: What brought all this on?

Sinnamon: He went through my phone ☹

Nyla: The famous Sinnamon the dick whisperer got caught by the tie?

Asia: Oh, shit.

Sinnamon: The hoe police will not ex-communicate me! I’ve been caught and I had to quit the main player in the game.

Asia: Let us think on it! …

Nyla: …

Asia: Ex-communicate Darren and go catch you a ring bitch. Hoeing is old anyway. Let’s starting Loving.

Nyla: I agree. You are ex-communicated as a hoe, but please cut off Darren square ass.

Sinnamon: Quincy doesn’t even know yet…


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