Brittany Griner and Glory Johnson Are Done After 28 Days Of Marriage

Brittney-Griner-Glory-Johnson-Wedding-Photos-3Brittney Griner Files For Annulment 28 Days After Marrying Glory Johnson and 1 Day After Announcing They Were Having A Baby!

brittney-griner-glory-johnson-weddingKim Kardashian has someone to laugh at now as her marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries lasted way longer than the Griner-Johnson union. Perhaps this marriage was doomed from it’s inception. There had already been domestic violence, causing 7 game suspensions for both women. I was proud of the WNBA for not placing blame and suspending both women for their fight. Griner claims she was “pressured into marriage under duress” and said “fraudulent statements” were made by Johnson, according to documents filed in Maricopa County (AZ) Superior Court and obtained by USA TODAY Sports. The documents were time-stamped as filed on Friday.


Just YESTERDAY, Johnson had the cake and announced that they were expecting a child. Today, Griner not only wants an annulment making the marriage as if it never existed, but went so far as to say that “that child has no biological tie to me.” I never liked Griner, EVER. She was violent in college and I wasn’t surprised that she was beating on Johnson. What perplexes me is this: You planned this child with her. She was pregnant when you got married and now you dump her? I used to make bad jokes calling Griner a man. She certainly is behaving like a bad one dumping her pregnant wife and saying “that’s not my baby.”

Ring Didn't Mean A Thing

This foolishness has set back lesbians a decade. According to the police report of the couple’s altercation, the couple engaged in “mutual combat.” However, Johnson stated that she was the victim and argued the WNBA’s investigation and punishment. Griner entered a diversion program, agreeing to plead guilty to disorderly conduct and attend 26 weeks of counseling. Upon successful completion of the program, the charge will be wiped from her record. Johnson’s case was transferred to a jurisdiction without a diversion program, and her case is still pending.


In full disclosure, I am a Tennessee Lady Vols Basketball fan. I think Pat Summitt is one of the greatest coaches in basketball history, barring none. I also thought Glory Johnson was hot whilst in college but too young for TK. What happens now is anyone’s guess, but as I look at all their Instagram posts, one is left to wonder if marriage and a baby just got too real for Griner. Start up Kim Zolciak Biermann‘s “The Ring Didn’t Mean A Thing”

Photo Credit: Johnson and Griner’s Instagram Accounts ESPN The Magazine and Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department.


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