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Workout of the Week: Bootcamp Calorie Burn

Workout of the week is back my exercise junkies! Here it is: Bootcamp Calorie Burn. Here is a 32 minute workout for all my busy freelances, mothers, and anyone who can’t afford the gym. I hope...

Pin of the week: 20 tips for Chronic Inflammation

    The Paleo lifestyle is becoming very popular. People are catching on to healthier ways to live their life. We at PMA thought it would be a great idea to give you this helpful pin of the...

What your plate should look like!

How are you arranging your plate? Are you eating a balanced meal?

Healthy eating is healthy living

Omega-3 fatty acids & your health

Pardon My Audacity is about seeing men and women get knowledgeable about their health. There are some many components to leading a healthy life and one of those components that helps are omega-3...

Go Beyond the Gym

Women always want the men in their lives to participate in “couple” things. These things include engagements hosted by family and friends, family get together’s, and exercising. Women expect...

Workout of the week: Killer Arms

Hey loves! Fitness is the mission correct? Here’s a killer arm workout circuit! Who is going to participate?   It hurts, but worth it! Let’s get these arms RIPPED!

Workout of the week

This weeks workout of the week comes from one of my favorite trainers: Jenelle Salazar. GetBodiedByJ has another great video I want to share with you guys:...

Feeling some type of way?

Having a bad day? I’m telling you the best way to get the anger, sadness, or even happiness out the way or intensified–you should work out! Exercising releases endorphins and when they...

Workout of the Week

We are back with our latest workout we’d like to share: Denise Austin’s Ultimate Fat Burn What do you think?