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PMA Juicy News

YouTube Music Awards 2013 YouTube streamed its first YouTube Music Award yesterday at 6 p.m EST. Performances included various artist, including Tyler The Creator and Eminem. Jason Schwartzman and...

Marc Jacobs Beauty

Marc Jacobs

Sex Education has a new meaning!

Nice book review from The Reporter and The Girl: Minus Superman

5 Rules to Keep Him Interested

Are you tired of giving in these relationship “things” feeling like you don’t have the answers to completely to feel you have him interested? Don’t worry darlings, we have five sure fire ways...

Persuasion Couture

To all my PMA Beauties, I have a treat for you all! Persuasion Couture has launched its e-commerce site. The accessories on the site are to die for so how would we not let all our beauties know about...

Workout of the Week: Black Girls Work Out Too!

Workout of the Week: Black Girls Work Out Too! This week isn’t a complete workout, but it is a call for you all to go out and purchase this DVD and really get into a regimen! I love it and I...

High Protein Diet to Drop a Pants Size in 3 Weeks!

High Protein Diets! GET KNOWLEDGE