Chantaul’s “Diary of Me” Released & It’s Dope

Chantaul Chantaul’s “Diary of Me” Released & It’s Dope

Chantaul is hitting the music scene with her single “Diary Of Me” and we love it! PMA always presents the hottest music around and today is no different.

Produced by Krazy Figz and written by Three, the song is about a young woman on her hustle while dealing with distractions and setbacks from her childhood. These setbacks and distractions are identifiable to us as listeners like her alcoholic father and abusive mother as well as guys trying to disrupt her from reaching her highest potential.

At only 19, the young woman is homeless in Harlem, NY sleeping on trains, taking wash ups in bathrooms, and singing at McDonald’s for meals just to survive is what motivated her to take her talent and music to the next level.

The song debuted on the charts November 19th and it is such a dope song. Chantaul owns her song with her voice gracing the hip hop encouraged track. She mimics early Destiny Child’s “No, No, No Part 2” which we all loved and video was nice as well. She’s young, fresh, pretty, and hustling.

Here’s Chantaul’s video: “Diary of Me”


Chantaul has performed for BET’s Music Matters at S.O.B.’s, made it as a finalist to open up for R. Kelly’s 12 Nights of Christmas in Atlanta, and performed along side Ro James for New Year’s eve. She is taking off and we support this talent!

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