Checking Up on Your Bossin’

Checking up on your BossinChecking Up on Your Bossin’

PMA is checking up on your bossin’ in 2017 as promised because it’s the third month of the year and we need to make sure those goals are being worked out. January was the planning month, February was the beginning of implement, and what is your March?

For us, March is the month of movement in the business plan model. Creator and Editor of Pardon My Audacity, Jasmine Jackson has some great things coming. But she is more interested in what March is for you.

Technically, March can still be planning as you execute some of the smaller goals that will lead to a greater result. We are taking March to really study what direction we want to continue to move in and that’s what you should also be doing.

Make sure that you are really sure about your niche, what you want to produce or sell, and how you plan to effectively market. I suggest that you put $5-10 bucks aside to run initial ads and save up until you have a budget for yourself. It may not seem like much but you can stretch $100 on FB and IG trying to reach your target audience. You can literally choose who you want to see your product.

Be creative and brand yourself! Take your time. This is not a race. This is a lifetime of freedom and hustle that you’ve applied for your life. Speak this month’s affirmations and hit the ground running.

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