Chelsey Rai S. Standberry 101: How to be an ATL Actress

ChelseyRaiChelsey Rai S. Standberry 101: How to be an ATL Actress

ChelseyRai S. Standberry, an actress, host, entrepreneur, philanthropist, mother, and loving wife, born in Houston and raised in Atlanta. I met her at a networking event and we hit it off! She is smart, gorgeous, and has some great tips to offer upcoming actresses. She’s played in a dozen roles in media including TV One’s “Fatal Attraction,” and Ivy League Productions “Things My Daddy Should’ve Told Me.” We sat down and spilled a little professional tea while catching up. Ladies, make sure that you follow these tips.

PMA: Tell the readers about you and your journey to the big screen.

CS: Let me introduce myself, I am ChelseyRai S. Standberry, an actress, host, entrepreneur, philanthropist, mother, and loving wife, born in Houston and raised in Atlanta.  For over ten years, I have pursued acting in Atlanta, and over the past five years my acting career has taken off within the Atlanta indie scene.  I have worked on several film projects and multiple web series. My latest project was a short film called “Dear Sister”, written/directed by Bridgett Ladd, produced by Tracy Tolliver. I recently wrapped the feature film, “Making Moves”, produced by the Baz Brothers as a supporting actress.  Other recent projects include: “Fatal Attraction” airing on TV ONE, the web series “All That Shabazz”, produced by Soze Studios, and several lead actress roles in the feature films “Taboo: The Unthinkable Act”, “Fixation”, and the television/web series “Flags on The Field”, all written by Bobby Peoples and directed by Renee Warren-Peoples of TPN.   

In addition to my work as an actress, I am the CEO/Owner of She Can Clothing Co., LLC, a clothing line promoting women empowerment, skills and talents (IG: @SheCanClothingCo), and the founder of Net Generation Kids, LLC, a company that focuses on the education of kids in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) in the Atlanta area. I also followed my heart to start a non-profit known as 7 Angels Foundation, Inc., an organization that aids in the prevention and awareness of child abuse and neglect throughout the country (IG: @7AngelsFoundation). In addition, I still work in media and continue to host red carpet events as a media correspondent with an Atlanta female media group known as ATL Socialytes (IG/Twitter: @ATLSocialytes).  Hit us up for the latest Atlanta events at !


PMA: What does every actress need to make it in Atlanta?

CS: As an actress in Atlanta, I will admit that we are all constantly trying to “make it” to some level of achievement or personal satisfaction.  However, to even get started in Atlanta as an actress, you most definitely need to BE PREPARED!  This means having your actors’ toolbox together, which includes an updated headshot, resume, demo reel, some level of professional training, and a memorized one-minute monologue.  These are vital tools that are necessary to either submit to auditions or to book a job.  An actress in Atlanta must also NETWORK.  This can include supporting other artists and film makers by attending movie premieres, or attending film festivals within the Atlanta area.  When attending these events, again, be prepared.  This means to keep business cards and headshots with you at all times because you never know who you may meet.  You do not necessarily need an agent because you can most certainly find your own work independently based on your resources, but having an agent does help an actress gain access to more auditions.

Chelsey Rai

PMA: What separates one actress from the other?

CS: There are several things that separate one actress from another.  This includes their talent, look, and brand.  Every actress has different levels of experience and training.  Furthermore, different actresses come in different races, shapes, and sizes.  These are the characteristics that determine your involvement with a project because casting directors are always looking for certain looks when casting different roles.  The actress’ brand is shown by the quality of their tool box, and includes their social media presence.  This displays their seriousness for their craft, as well as their professionalism.  This will also separate the seasoned actors from the beginners.

Chelsey RaiPMA: What should upcoming actresses continue to work on as they start getting booked?

CS: Upcoming actors and actresses should always keep their knives sharpened.   If you are financially able, try to stay training.  There are several acting schools in Atlanta, as well as acting workshops offered throughout the city.  Eventually, actresses may even want to consider joining the Union (SAG/AFTRA) which requires fees and dues, however, joining is not required in Georgia until the actress starts to book more SAG/AFTRA roles. The workshops and networking opportunities are present with the union if an actress does decide to join. An actress can never be over trained, and staying sharp whether through classes/workshops or working notable independent projects is only to their advantage.

PMA: Give some advice to an upcoming actress that you wish someone would’ve given you.


CS: Some advice that I would give to an upcoming actress that I wish someone would have given me  at the beginning of my career is to master the audition process, whether it is self-taped auditions or live in the room auditions. If in the room, learn to own the room and master confidence by being prepared!


PMA: What’s next for Chelsey?

CS: As of now, I have two premieres coming up for “Fixation in June,” and “Flags on The Field” in July.  I was also nominated as Best Supporting Actress for the short film Stain of Strife at the TPN Film Awards, taking place on June 13, 2017.  I also have an episode premiering this Fall on the Oxygen Channel as the lead actress on the series “Snapped”.  Later this year, I will be writing, producing, and directing my first film along with my husband and our production company, iThink Productions. Stay Tuned!

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