Christmas 2017 Wrap Up

Christmas 2017 Wrap Up

Christmas 2017 Wrap Up

Christmas 2017 was simply amazing, but not because of what I received. Jaslyn Milan, my 22-month-old daughter, smiled so hard and enjoyed her gifts. Seriously, the investments that I made paid off for her. Family and friends played such a massive role this year in helping me prepare for the giving holiday. 

Christmas 2017 Wrap UPWe purchased a Samsung tablet for $49.99+ tax. Now, this may sound crazy, but my child stays cuffing my cell phone and not wanting to return it. Purchasing this device will hopefully allow for more time on my phone and less screaming toddler when I want the phone. Also, I wanted to get the tablet to download educational applications for children. Android has a ton of educational resources that Apple IPad users have to purchase. I was able to download alphabets, numbers, and tracing on the electronics. She seems interested, but I will keep you posted. 

Christmas 2017 Wrap UP

We were able to purchase about 8 books for Jaslyn. I purchased two small jumbo Dr. Seuss books and assortment of animals, prayers, and other books that she seemed to take to! It’s always fun when your child is oohing and aahing for a gift that you purchased for that response. Reading and learning materials were number one for investing in Jaslyn. 

Christmas 2017 Wrap Up

Christmas 2017 Wrap UpWe also purchased her a large kitchen that she loved and cooked me a small breakfast of plastic eggs and bacon. On top of all of that, she received plenty of winter and fall outfits that she can fit and some cute BeBe boots. Lastly, she received a battery operated pink Minnie bike that Jaslyn loved. 

In terms of myself, I enjoyed mommy joy. 


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