Classy Chics Weave Bar & Boutique Custom Wig Review

Classy ChicsClassy Chics Weave Bar & Boutique Custom Wig Review 

Classy Chics Weave Bar & Boutique installed a beautiful custom wig for me and I have been loving the gorgeous hair. Angie Qualls is the diva behind my perfect detachable sew-in aka the woman that snatched my wig. Let’s jump right in girls. Now, I like to give it to you all straight. To do this, I’ll talk about a few things that you will want to know about the hair.

Classy Chic Weave Hair Profile

Hair Type: Cambodian Virgin Straight

Lengths: 14″, 18″, & 20″

Install Type: Detachable sew-in and/or Wig

Install Details: 4×4 Lace closure with side part made on hair net


Angie Qualls, Owner of Classy Chics Weave Bar and Boutique, braided up my hair with yaki braiding hair. Qualls carefully braided all these pieces of hair attempting to escape this soft 3C hair texture. She made sure that there was a rim around my crown to make sure that the wig will be secure. The Cambodian virgin straight hair was already on the net with a 4×4 closure with a side part. It was about a fifteen-minute install if that. It was tight, it didn’t pull my edges, and it looked amazing.

Classy Chic


Pricing is not bad at all, but it also depends on length and hair type. For a 14, 18,20 inch Cambodian Virgin wig, it’s $225 with the 4×4 closure with hair included.  For virgin Indian hair, it varies from $100 or more depending on length and bundles used.

Classy Chics

Classy ChicsCapable of Color?

Yes, this virgin hair is raw and can be colored. I chose to keep it black because I am picky about my hair and didn’t want to add any unnecessary chemicals to the hair (like it’s my Cambodian tresses from my scalp). The ability to dye hair is very important seeing that getting weave affords you luxuries that you don’t want to try with your real hair and if you cannot try new colors, you don’t need that hair. Angie is supplying hair ready to be dyed.

Heat: I could flat iron my hair every day, but chose to Flexi rod and wand the curls for most of my looks. It didn’t smell or give a burnt smell. Sometimes heat can make the weave smell weird, but I didn’t have that issue. As a substitute teacher, those kids would talk mess for days and so I was glad that I didn’t have to deal with the burnt hair smell.

Texture: The hair had a medium luster to the hair with a naturally silky feel that I loved to run my fingers through. After the first two weeks, I still had my shine as long as I brushed my hair and wrapped it properly. Yes, I duby wrap my hair.

Classy ChicsTrue to Length: This length is true to length. I wish I would’ve gone longer, but that would’ve been just so melodramatic.

Shedding: I have minimal shedding which makes it amazing because I have a 9-month-old who pulls hair but there is never a large amount on my hardwood floors! I love that I can comb and brush my hair without having all this left over hair from my weave. It can pile up if I haven’t comb out my curls in a couple of days, but other than that, I don’t have much shedding.

Tangling? Brush freely?
Honestly, I can brush freely through my hair. Even after I flexirod and the curls are a day old, I just brush my ends and go up the weave with my padded brush. It is fast, it isn’t matted in the back of my head like some other brands, and I would definitely let y’all know if it was causing that dusty matted look in the back of my hair.

Make sure to check out Classy Chic Weave Bar & Boutique. Go shop with her and enjoy what she offers because there is hair, accessories, and more!

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