Continue Working on Your Progression: Know Your Worth

Hey black girl, hey!

We encounter people everyday in our journeys who have a way of dimming our lights when they shouldn’t have the power so I come to you today to say continue working on your progression: know your worth! Knowing your worth is going to be the only way to navigate throughout the world regardless if it’s a new business venture or a family matter. You must have the knowledge of self to deal with the things that we encounter everyday.

As we get older, we do tend to progress. Our likes, thoughts, jobs, wants, and career choices change often but with life happening it’s easy to forget about knowing and understanding our worth. If we are put here to live our best lives, it’s only right that the best life we experience is because we understand how to thrive in our own careers, relationships, friendships, and thoughts. Be sure that every move made throughout your life is the best choice for you.

Keep in mind that your happiness, mental health, and next move should be predominately about YOU. You have to make sure that before you can keep anyone else happy especially husband and kids– you must be happy first. If you wish to keep your family together, whole, and successful– you must be whole and mentally stable. The next move has to ultimately be pleasing to YOU even if you must discuss it with your partner.

What I wish to fight against is anyone who has to be two different people in order to have some slight force of happiness. It’s not an easy task and it’s hard to maintain with a crowd full with people who you’d never share this second side with. Know that whatever you want, you can have. Know that you are smart, funny, and certainly sexy to someone and if no one confirms that sexiness, you are sexy to you!

Be hyper vigilant to be open to new adventures and it’s okay to be different. No one has to agree with what makes you YOU. Know your worth; your progression is what makes you into the interesting person you are. You do not have to dim your light to be happy–fight against the bullshit in your life to shine.

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