“Cream X Coffee” Web Series

CreamXCoffee “Cream X Coffee” Web Series 

“Cream X Coffee” web series is a MUST watch!

Writer, Creator, and Director Nakia Stephens created such a real life depiction of what it is to be Pro-black, Pro-Love, and Pro-Drama in this series.

Cream X CoffeeAccording to Damn Write Originals, “Cream X Coffee” is a scripted dramedy that follows the love story of an accidental interracial couple. When Dionne, a Pro-Black Activists unexpectedly falls for Ryan, a Charming White Guy, her entire idea of Love is flipped upside down. In this series Dionne is challenged with combating  the racial tensions that clash with the hypocrisy of her love life, all while struggling with her responsibility as an African American and her desire to be a “Good Representation” for the non-profit organization she started for the black community. Ultimately she is faced with redefining her identify as a black woman and what that means.

Here’s the trailer:

Cream x coffeeTBH, I laughed, cried, and rolled my eyes at this web series. Nakia Stephens created a dope web series and it’ll only get better as she tackles, love, interracial dating, police brutality, and everything that we see in the black community a lot.

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Cream X Coffee Seriously, go and support this freaking web series. It is AMAZING and I’m not raving. This isn’t a paid review either, this is me being bored on a Saturday evening and watching the entire series! Btw, the end of the first series will make you tear up!!!


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