CTM Catering Live Dinner & Review

CTM CateringCTM Catering Live Dinner & Review 

Chef Sandra of CTM Catering came out to my home and made the most amazing five-course meal. Now, I know y’all think that there are plenty of restaurants that cook great courses for families. However, this was special to me! I was about to sit at my table, record my meal and Sandra on Facebook Live, and my reactions to each dish. There were great bites that I didn’t want to share, but decided someone else should taste what I was tasting.

Chef Sandra

The menu was as follows:

1st course- Chicken Consume soup

2nd course- Bruschetta Shot

3rd course- Caesar Salad

4th course- Shrimp Pesto Alfredo

5th course Old Fashion Banana Pudding

CTM Catering

The Chicken Consume soup was flavored just right, very light, and very refreshing paired with chopped mushrooms. This first course doesn’t take up much room at all in my stomach and allows consumers to readily prepare for the next course. Sandra served the soup and I slurped it down readily.

CTM CateringThe bruschetta shot was divine. It was mozzarella, Roma tomatoes, and Chef Sandra prepared a homemade Balsamic vinegar sugar piece all decorated in a wine fluke. It was paired with a cracker that gave me everything I needed. It was such a delectable bite.

PMA: What types of events do you do?

CS: We cater all events; events for adults, groups, and kids. We will do baby showers, graduations, parties, and whatever our client needs.


Now, caesar salad is just that!  It is a leafy green with caesar dressing, parmesan cheese, and usually croutons. Not this salad! This salad had the best homemade caesar salad EVER. The sprinkle of fresh garlic was everything I needed! Instead of the pesky croutons, Sandra was able to make parmesan cheese that she was able to shape and crisp; it made a real difference and still didn’t keep me too full. It was a burst of flavor from the moment I put it in my mouth and yes, I did consume the entire salad.

CTM Catering

PMA: What’s next for CTM catering?

CS: We have an event October 1st, two baby showers, and we hope to expand. You can contact my business:, Ig:Ctm_catering, & FB: Ciara’s  Treats & More

CTM CateringMy shrimp pesto alfredo was to die for. She made the sauce and pesto from scratch and I ate the entire plate. The small portion wasn’t enough (Okay, it was I’m just being a fatty) even though I know I do not need those many calories. The sauce was creamy, light, and enough before dessert was served.

Chef Sandra knows her way around a kitchen with great ingredients and great customer service.

My last course was homemade banana pudding. I usually don’t enjoy bananas, but she made it and put it the oven to finish it. It tasted like banana bread souffle instead of pudding.

I would recommend contacting Chef Sandra for your events and try to really enjoy the experience. It was such a great time laughing, recording, and eating.

ctm catering

Make sure to reach out, she will be all over Atlanta soon serving up great recipes and class.


cropped-pardon-my-audacitylogo.pngThank you so much, Sandra for cooking me a meal and giving me life!





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