Dating Purge 101


Dating purge 101Dating Purge 101

Dating is hard! Sometimes you should step back and purge that dating pallet of yours. No, this is not a bitter ex-girlfriend either. I am talking about a personal journey to peace and acceptance before meeting someone to spend your time with.

Do not date, sleep with, casually chat with a male that you are sexually or mentally attracted to. You are taking this time to make yourself better and happier. Stay focused.

Dating purges can clean your dating aura and give a carefree vibe for a moment. Start by doing a cleaning and shedding of all the things you do not want, do not belong, or belong to an ex you no longer deal with. Bring in your candles, sage if you’re with it, and things that make you happy in your space.

Start hanging out by yourself and with your friends. Make sure to eat great food, drink great, wine, and go dancing. Not twerking, but find a new salsa joint! Just do different things to start experiencing your city.

Go on trips, join the gym, and pray. Chase your glow up and focus on self-love and acceptance. It will bloom a beautiful woman.

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