Day 3 PMA’s Detox

20131209-231707.jpgDay 3 PMA Detox

Today, I wanted to attack anyone with a juicy burger, cheesy pizza, or anything that could cause fat gain! Ugh, I know. The great news is that I haven’t let anything get in the way of my detox. I have  pressed forward and even made some excellent dinner and lunch dishes. My boyfriend has loved each meal and has not cheated on the detox either. It’s a great concept.

Guys, I hope that you will share with us what you had so that we can all be on one page! I can say this is hard, but I feel so much better! I even took my vitamins: Vitamin B, B-12, and Calcium. 


Day Three Woahs:

– Avoiding the greasy, meaty, and fattening things around the job and house

-Drinking more water! Water, Water, Water!

– Meal prep and planning

My Menu today

Breakfast- greek yogurt and peaches paired with a water

snack: walnuts and almonds

Lunch: stir fried veggies (olive oil, peas, broccoli, onions, almonds, carrots) and brown rice

snack: fruit salad (fresh strawberries, green apples, pineapples)

Dinner: Quinoa and veggie soup



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