Day 4 Lifestyle Changes

Hey guys! I am coming to you absolutely sore yet feeling amazing! I have showed up and showed out with this lifestyle change. It’s important if I say a few things to you guys… I am not a perfect person and so I say that to say sometimes you will have a week moment like me today, but I will tell you about that later.

I just want to say that I have so much weight that I want to lose and working out is such a struggle for me in all honesty. It really hurts like something crazy I be about to die but it was easy getting big and it’s going to be difficult to get healthy.

Vitamins: Multivitamin and Biotin


BF: 2 boiled eggs

Lunch: Salad with: turkey, egg, cheese, ranch, coutons (unnecessary starch/carb) water (bad choice wait 30 minutes before) and Oats and honey granola bar

Dinner: Tuna sandwich on sour dough bread. Trail mix. Kiddie size slushy from QT (slip up but yummy)

Water: 64+ ounces

Let me just say this I give myself two days of free days: Friday and Saturday. I suggest you do the same thing but don’t go over board. Like I can eat one fried food each day and 1 great sweet treat but Sunday I’m back on it with exercise and healthier choice food. On Thursdays, I will then work out twice; one small work out in the morning and one hardcore, kill my life in the afternoon. Today was unfortunately that day.


Workout 1: Mile work out. This workout consists of 8 laps with various sweat and fat burning activities. It helps with arms legs and everything from abs on down.

5 laps of power walking

2 laps of  knee lifts (these are similar to marching band members. Knees high and painful as hell when you’re going around a track).

a lap of lunges 20 a set which equaled 100 lunges.

Workout 2:

Warm up: Running 2 laps

Cardio X (3 times) with a 1-min break in between each relay: Half a basketball field relay in which you cannot stop running or moving and you DIE!

  • Sprinting
  • Basketball squat shuffle
  • Back running
  • Lunges
  • jumping jacks

Half court suicides with 4 checkpoints

Set of 2 “Crunch Boxes”= 200 crunches

  • 20 regular crunches
  • 20 crunches mid-cross at ankles
  • 20 crunches legs lifted in hair
  • 20 crunches legs in shape of V
  • 20 butterfly style

20  extended leg lift crunches: a person stands behind you and holds your legs and you hold their ankles. The person pushes your feet and you must pull your legs up. It kills your legs and it works your lower abs.

40 side crunches with an 10 lb ball

40 regular crunches

2 sets of 10 “T’ arm exercises with 5 lb weights

2 sets of “Superman” arm exercises with 5 lb weights


Okay, guys so you can see that I challenged myself sooooo much today with my girl Nina, but I have to work. Work without pain means nothing in the lifestyle change game. You can start much slower. I chose to tackle these hurtful things head on and don’t plan to start. I need to burn more calories than I intake and I need to be sore each day until I get use to it and then step it up from there.

I hope this helps a lot. I have pictures of me today looking absolutely busted and everything. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram: JasTheeExaminer and Prettygirlwbrains!

Workout 1 face: 


Workout 2: 


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