Dear 2015: Elevating your Reality


Dear 2015,

I want to first open up and say thank you for arriving in such a time when there were dark days and even depressing nights trying to follow my dreams. 2014 was a year of grinding and not actually being successful; apparently this happens. There were things that were put in place to teach countless lessons and things that were set to make me cry so with this year starting off I have a request:  Open up the possibilities this year with every aspect of my life.

There was a love affair in 2014 that was anything but beautiful; we fell out of the honeymoon stage within six months of the relationship and no I’m not talking about a man. I’m talking about life and I. We weren’t friends as all of the trials and tribulations that came attacking and breaking me down as an individual. There were hopeless tears and silence; you never want to bring anyone into the darkness you begin to go into. When you are a strong individual finally breaking and becoming vulnerable– the people who are always on your phone, line, or  email tend to disappear because you cannot provide their therapy session or entertainment. The world begins to look cold and grim making you want to completely separate from the people that you thought cared for you so much. What to do next?

2015, I am a DIVA, a BOSS, a LEADER, and a PHENOMENAL woman. These attributes begin to dim when the devil is after you. But I had to remember that everything that I will comes my way. If I continue to will darkness and depression then what else would I receive? So what’s did I want to say to 2015?

Hello, I’m back. For the storm is won with a smile, MAC cosmetics, and a flawless outfit. For the storm is won with positive affirmations, de-cluttering your existence, and meditation. For the storm is won with persistence, prayer, and promise. 2014 was my abusive relationship, but 2015 is the soul mate I didn’t know I had. It is the year of sweet ambition, sweet lovemaking, life altering happiness, and the year of self-exploration as a 25 year old woman.  I am not afraid 2015; I’m merely screaming bring it on!


Jasmine Jackson, Editor-in-Chief


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    1. pardonmyaudacity Post author

      As we are going through life we must continue to pray and keep it moving! Thanks for reading and commenting!


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