Dear Sis, Be Careful in 2017: 7 Things We Learned After Charlottesville

Dear Sis, Be Care in 2017: 7 Things We Learned After



One love coming for a queen (throws a black fist up). If Charlottesville protest didn’t teach us anything, it taught us that a lot of Nazi’s, Naturalist (needs to be known as terrorists) that are age 19-35! These are new creations from hate with a learned behavior of hate. We sit by each other hoping that the white person beside us don’t have power enough to hurt or make us feel belittled in any way.

White men marched with Tiki torches in Charlottesville, Va. for the “Unite the Right” rally protesting against the removal of a statue of Confederate icon General Robert E. Lee. Jason Kessler organized the massive meet up of white supremacist the millennial generation ever experienced.  Only one person was apprehended and taking in. They didn’t have any army men securing the area. It was just them like back in 1850 except these people didn’t wear masks. In 2017, they do not hide behind masks any longer. They show their proud faces. 

I learned 7 things after this awful protest.

Here’s the list of 7 Things We Learned: 

  1. We learned that our new enemies aren’t new at all. They are just the children of the people who hated and tormented our mothers, father, grandmothers, and grandfathers. Stay strong in moments of oppression.
  2. We learned that our brothers, fathers, uncles, sons need all of our support, but furthermore, we must respect each other in order to achieve this support.
  3. We learned that there must be a narrative presented to our beautiful brown legacies walking around not understanding prejudice, hate, police brutality, or why they want her to fail or even die because of the color of their skin.
  4. Also, we learned that taking the L is ALWAYS hard for racists! Seeing that they are trying to bring back Nazi culture after they lost and Confederate flag after the South lost.
  5. We learned that racist’s honestly do not think they are racist but they ARE.
  6. We learned that there is something amazingly gorgeous, brilliant, smart, and WANTED from those who hate us and so there’s no need in fretting because it’ll all work out. However, we must build bonds within our communities and start making change.
  7. Lastly, we learned that other white people aren’t happy with the Nazi’s either. Perfect example below:

Have any ideas or thoughts about how to bring about change? Want to share any information for more African Americans to see? Leave a comment so I can respond! We must move silently and intellectually.

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