Dear Sister: Promises of 2018

Dear Sister: Promises of 2018

Dear sisters,

Promise to be your true self whomever that may be in 2018. Be calm in understanding the feminine being that you are embracing every mistake, triumph, & mis-education you have regarding who you are. Educate yourself and feed yourself positive affirmations that will manifest daily who and what you wish to accomplish.

Make sure that as mothers, sisters, daughters, lovers, bosses, and friends that you loyal, vocal, and ever present. Your voice matters. Remember that your body is yours and it’s a healing, evolving temple that your livelihood resonates and resides. Be flawlessly honest with yourself and others.

If you’re in a time of darkness, pray and walk forward. You can and will overcome; this storm will pass too. Promise to lift a sister up and be frank in all vows if any are made. Make sure you release any energies that attach themselves to your spirit! Fight and reclaim your peace and piece of mind.

These are the thoughts I’ve developed in 2018 so far and so I wanted to share the message with you. All these attacks on you is because you are walking in purpose chosen by your creator. It’s also a reminder that people see and notices your changes just as much as you. Don’t be so critical on your successes neglecting the fact that they are still accomplishments.

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