‘Dear White People’ Is Everything

Dear White People

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‘Dear White People’ Is Everything

On this lazy Thursday, I was fed up with Trump and fed up with working so I laid in my bed and watched Dear White People. I rarely watch tv and when I do, it has to be a worth it. This ten-episode series hit real issues and said all the real shit we say in our heads and to our friends.  These black students dealt with life issue while attending the predominately white Ivy League college, Winchester College.

This comedy is hilarious, but also hit home with issues on black youth being murdered, interracial dating, having darker skin, light skin and white privilege. It premiered April 28, 2017 on Netflix and it is everything! Samantha White played by Logan Browning gave life with her performance as a strong black leader, but she was also very much like all powerful women. She couldn’t balance her personal life with being the leader with the voice. I have felt like this a time before trying to manage both myself. It was refreshing to see a well-rounded.

I enjoyed the storyline and how everything is broken down leading up to episode 10. The writers are connecting the dots for us the entire time but through various character perspective and storylines. The relationships and intricacies of drama compel viewers and I couldn’t just watch one episode. I spent my rainy Atlanta day in the bed curled up watching this show. Every character’s point of view that we see the episode through were brilliantly written with their own stories and motives.

The show explored homosexuality, labels, black face, interracial dating, and honestly, it created an atmosphere where stereotypes can be explored. We are dropped right in the middle of Winchester College’s racial mess of a “Dear Black People” party, which white students were in blackface and the black students were pissed. We dive right into black entertainment culture with Samantha White voicing her political opinions over the intercom on her radio show.

Dear White People really jump into the real, serious topics, but it’s funny AF. It manages to balance the funny parts while getting the serious message across. Reggie Green (Marq Richardson) was a serious moment in the series. He suffers a social catastrophe at the hands of defending the reason of why a fellow white student can’t say ‘nigga’ while rapping lyrics. It was so serious and the next couple of scenes I was crackin’ up all over again.

Listen, all I’m saying is get on Netflix and watch the series. After you do so, tell me are you woke!


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