Divine Wax Works is Making Moves with their Product

Divine Wax WorksDivine Wax Works is Making Moves with their Product

Divine Wax Works is making moves with the bomb products that have been circulating and as I was surfing the bed in the comfort of sheets,  I ran across the products and had to reach out to get the information to you. Quinten Gregory is the man with the plan and it was a pleasure meeting this awesome crafty Black Business Owner.

PMA: Tell readers about Divine Wax Works and what you offer potential consumers.

DWW: Overall, Divine Wax Works offers a memorable experience. We carry a line of amazing soy candles that are sure to please. Whether you prefer wax melts or the subtle crackle of a wood wick candle, we cater to your specific needs. Divine Wax Works also offers one of a kind furniture. If you are looking for that conversational piece for your home, we can turn your vision into a reality! 

Divine Wax WorksPMA: What motivated you to start the business?

DWW: Oddly enough, the job I worked didn’t offer much advancement despite my degree, hard work, and initiative. Instead of waiting around for a raise or higher position, I decided to step out on faith and find a new niche. After doing my research, I decided to handcraft soy candles. I began selling candles online from my kitchen. With hard work and dedication. I was able to open a shop within two years. I try and encourage everyone to do what they love. We all have skills and talents that can be a source of income as well as help our communities! 

PMA: One of the items that made me check out Divine Wax Works was the Hollywood Vanity Mirror. Give readers the deets on this dope mirror. It’s literally every little girl’s dream to own one!

DWW: Hollywood Vanities have become a hot item! Over a year ago, a friend suggested I build them, and I simply laughed it off. Once I noticed how huge the makeup industry was, I figured it would be worth a try. After I made my first Hollywood Vanity, the phone wouldn’t stop ringing. I construct furniture, but I am also an artist. Many come to me with a vision of their dream Hollywood Vanity, and I turn it into a reality. Every time you sit in front of our Hollywood Vanities, it should be a memorable experience. We offer features such as dimmer switches, USB ports, led lighting, remotes, custom paint designs, lettering, and much more.  

Divine Wax WorksPMA: What sets Divine Wax Works apart from other online shops?

DWW: What sets Divine Wax Works apart from others is the experience we deliver. Whether you purchase a candle, a picture frame, or even a Hollywood Vanity, we bring your vision to life. Many who visit us are looking for items that are unlike anything else out there. We see many name brand items and fashions every day, but rarely do we see items that compliment ones preference in style, color, and overall personality. 

PMA: What is next for Divine Wax?

DWW: Within the next year we plan to start introducing our custom furniture into commercial businesses such as salons, barbershops, and even restaurants! 

We just love Quinten’s work. He is offering a one of a kind service making those dope vanity mirrors and bomb soy candles. It’s a great idea to invest for you or even your daughter’s room. It’s fun, cute, and very girly like. We encourage that purchase from Divine Wax Works.

Divine Wax Works

Divine Wax WorksContact Divine Wax Works?

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