Does your lover have a ‘work lover’?

Ever been in the period of a relationship where everything seems like a fight? You leave and fight, come home fight, and when you get in your car you receive a text message that’s prompting a textual argument? It happens like that sometimes, very annoying and uncalled for, but it happens to be best couples. Name calling and silent treatments aren’t healthy for anyone trying to remain in a blissful relationship. Communicating the issue with proper communication skills can take a relationship much farther than downing the other person. When issues start in a relationship often times one of the people in the relationship seek out what they’re missing in another person and what better person to fall for than the person sitting next to you at work? Yes, people I am referring to your girlfriends’ ‘work man’ and your boyfriends’ ‘work hunny’.

When home issues start to interfere with everyday issues, there is always that one person that is down to listen to whatever your lover has to say and appeases them with whatever you are depriving them of. It’s not to say that men and women cannot be friends, but it is a tricky situation when the person you are revealing your dirty laundry to has feelings that are deeper than mere coworkers. The ‘work lover’ can easily be identified as a person that supplies all the needs a person feels are abandoned from your present lover. This relationship slowly turns from innocent to emotional as the two may begin a friendship on a social network or begin communication via text message.

People are always looking for ways to break a person up and simply being the less dramatic, needy, or angry individual works for irritated lovers. I don’t agree with cheating in any relationship, it’s a cowardly way to handle the pressures of being with another person. It’s quite obvious that fighting can lead to deprivation of substance and chemistry in a relationship and those issues can lead to cheating. The best advice that I can give anyone that is seeking a ‘work boo’ is try to fix what you already have and if you can’t fix it stop being a coward and leave the situation. The best advice I can give anyone being the ‘work boo’ is find your own lover to be good to. The best advice for the person keeping up the dramatics is stop it before you lose the one you love.

A person doesn’t end up cheating in every case with an outside appeasing their needs unless the person is completely fed up. If you feel as if the staff at your job is noticing the connection between you and the person you flock to they see something you do not. If you find yourself always thinking of that person of interest then make sure to get the priorities in check and handle life as it comes with proper communication. Don’t go around being a ‘work boo’ because work boos always turn into the other woman and the other man.


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