Don’t Be Alarmed: Yes, I Want a Second Child!

Don’t be alarmed! Yes, I want a second child and it’s not because I love being pregnant. It’s not because I like missing sleep, girl friend dates from time to time, or the pesky weight gain. Simply, I want a second child so that Jaslyn Milan will have a companion. 

Yes, I adore my life as a mother, but sometimes I don’t want to play. Jaslyn is in the phase of “C’mon Mom,” meaning I have to stop whatever I’m doing whether is writing a book or doing the dishes. She physically pulls me around the house with the cutest echo “c’mon mom!” and it always leads us to the bathroom for poop or to play with toys. If it’s ‘music and movement’ time–I have to dance and sing with Jaslyn. I pull up my big girls panties and say no, but some days (most days) this is apart of learning. 

My good, good girlfriends with two children love that the children bonds are tight. When they are of age, they play together. As a toddler, Jaslyn seems to love and kiss on babies!

Don't be alarmed, I want a second kid
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I know it’ll be more difficult, but I won’t be forty-two with a newborn. Okkkurrrr? Ok, that’s a stretch but I want to give Jaslyn someone who will be her friend, brother, and whatever she needs if I drop the ball. 

What about you? Are you looking to have more kids? WHY? 


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