Dope Millennial Trendsetter: Nia Naomi Johnson

Dope Millennial Trendsetter: Nia Naomi Johnson

Dope Millennial Trendsetter: Nia Naomi Johnson

Pardon My Audacity is always searching the net for dope millennial trendsetters to present and support via the blog. We’ve found a great selection of trendsetters and today, we present Nia Naomi Johnson.

Nia Naomi is a poet, published author, scholar, entrepreneur and Hampton Roads Youth Laureate Ambassador or 2016-2018. This accomplished Radford University sophomore is slaying in the business started penning and writing as a form of self-expression, but she’s turned her passion into a business. Nia has self-published her first anthology entitled Pink Velvet: Poems, Quotes, and Words of Affirmations for Girls Becoming Women. She also launched her first hair business entitled Nguyu Luxury Hair Company providing extensions and hair care for women with natural textures. It is geared toward the promotion of healthy beauty standards. Visit more of Nia Naomi on her Style a Faith blog:

PMA was able to get the scoop on how she stays so dope in the business world.

Dope Millennial Trendsetter: Nia Naomi Johnson

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PMA: Tell the readers one statement that motivates you to boss this sh*t called life.

NNJ: “If you don’t do the things that you are purposed to do, somebody else will.”  I was told this at a youth conference around age 13 and it struck my core in a wild way. I began to think about all of the things that I really wanted to do but didn’t have the confidence to go for it.

A few years went by and I realized that I was talking about the same things and hadn’t seen a change. I realized that I had many visions but I would grow miserable not trying to pull them into fruition. Once I got tired of experiencing pain that way, I went through a season of just writing out all of my ideas and everything I would dream about and then I started creating the world that is, Nguvu Luxury Hair Company, Pink Velvet- My book, and etc. 

Dope Millennial Trendsetter: Nia Naomi JohnsonPMA: What is your niche/niches? How hard is it for women of color in work in this field? Offer a word of advice to those young girls reading about how YOU keep it together in your field.

NNJ: I’m a storyteller, content creator, creative overall. Weekly, I’m learning more about how to sharpen my mind and perfect my craft concerning; writing a poem, a blog post, creating for my businesses and creating a culture around my brand. The struggle that I often stumble upon in any setting is other people assuming that because I am a triple minority; young, female, black that I will be unsuccessful. Other’s assume I cannot excel or be seen as a professional. I do have to work twice as hard at my crafts and academics to be deemed credible, but I charge it to the game of life. I see myself a thorough which is quite amazing considering my journey into confidence.

I’d encourage young women in any field to be thorough, be passionate, and to be bold about your walk of life. If you believe in yourself and you walk with your head held high, you will always be able to overcome & achieve!

                PMA: Hustling is such a big part of entrepreneurial and artistry lifestyle. What does your everyday hustle look like? What’s your top three keywords for coaching a hustling young woman attacking her goals?

NNJ: My day starts around 5 or 6 Am, without discipline waking up that early is impossible for me; I am not a morning person. However, I wake up early. I try to pray or meditate to start the morning. I look over my plans for the day and get ready. I knock out my classes & homework. (If I am working at the time then its Classes, Homework, Work) I dedicate time to work on something that could help me as far as my crafts and dreams are concerned. Monday & Wednesday are poetry days. Saturday is more of a Business day so I knock out blog posts & business details for the hair company. 

Dope Millennial Trendsetter: Nia Naomi Johnson

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My Top three keywords for a young woman who’s trying to win are;

Confident, Commit, Conquer

PMA: What’s next in your career?

NNJ: My hair company launches on December 1st! Nguvu Luxury Hair Company provides hair extensions with a variety of textures, catering to people of color.  Our goal is to engender health hair alternatives while increasing style versatility for all, including 3A-4C hair types.

Dope Millennial Trendsetter: Nia Naomi Johnson

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My book, Pink Velvet: Poems, Quotes, And Words of Affirmation, will be updated with new poems & more merchandise as far as posters are concerned on January 1st which can be found on or

 I will be taking larger steps as far as performing poetry is concerned; I’ve been aching to bring new concepts and narratives to life. I will be doing more cool things in 2018 with poetry raising awareness about sexual violence in the youth; it’s a topic that occurs in my book and I want to keep moving forward with that work in new ways. I don’t want to spill all of the beans, but 2018 will definitely be a year of victory!

Dope Millennial Trendsetter: Nia Naomi Johnson

If you would like to book Nia Naomi J for poetry performances & workshops, please email  or visit

If you would like to view her work, please visit

If you would like to purchase her book Pink Velvet: Poems, Quotes, and Words of Affirmation for Girls Becoming Women, please visit or

If you would like to purchase bundles from the Nguvu Luxury Hair Company, please visit & learn more about the beauty positive culture!

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