Dope Millennial Trendsetter: Niema Graham

Dope Millennial Trendsetter: Niema Graham

Dope Trendsetter Niema Graham

Niema Graham is this week’s Dope Millennial Trendsetter with her company Since 1990 Picture Company, LLC. Her productions “Life as Junnie Brown” the movie, and Season 1 of “Art. Life. Vibes.” are dope narratives of the black experience from the eyes of this millennial. They focus on creating content, offering creative services to the company, and collaborating with other companies in the community. Along with creating content, Graham host workshops, creative writing workshops, college preparation, and the fundamentals of film and television. How dope is she already?


PMA had a chance to sit down with Niema Graham to get the tea:

Dope Trendsetter Niema Graham

PMA: Tell the readers one statement that motivates you to boss this sh*t called life.

NG: The one statement that motivates me to boss up on this shit called life is “The Sky is the limit, there are no ceilings.” I remember talking to my mom one day walking to my dorm from class and I was letting her know what I wanted to do, what I felt like I was capable of. That was the first and last time she said the statement to me, “The Sky is the limit, there are no ceilings.” I carried that statement with me. At times when I get beside myself, it’s an opportunity to remember where I’m going and why.

Dope Trendsetter Niema GrahamDope Trendsetter Niema GrahamPMA: What is your niche/niches? How hard is it for women of color in work in this field? Offer a word of advice to those young girls reading about how YOU keep it together in your field.


NG: Black women today are working behind the scenes running the show along with being the on-camera talent. In television and film industry. it’s competitive and everyone wants that big break and to get on. For the black woman, we must work harder than everyone else, be smarter and several steps ahead. We must leave our attitudes and emotions at the door because we want to be taken seriously and respected.

 Writing has always been my first love. To capture moments on camera, to present the art of storytelling and lastly post-production which I sometimes enjoy more throughout the entire production process. I simply love to content create. To have the brain power to bend, share life experiences, challenge myself creatively is what really counts. It’s important for me to get my sole message to the audience and to give them something to relate to. Everyone is a critic, everyone has something to say about what they feel needs to be or could be done or presented differently in any visual masterpiece. The fact that I can think of an idea, take the time out to plan and create products all makes it worth the sometimes blood, sweat, tears, frustrations and damn-near curse outs with your team.

Dope Trendsetter Niema Graham

The words of encouragement that I can offer young girls is to be true to you. This world and industry is hard. There are many people on this earth who don’t know who they are and they look to people for direction to tell them who they are to become and where they are to go in their lives. There are too many Instagram ass models, people who are social media famous, everyone wants to rap or sing or model because that is what’s presented to us most of the time through media to trick you into thinking that you must measure up to what you see on television. The propaganda of social media and its misleading appearances of people’s lives to make you look at your own. I want all my young girls to know and understand that you do not have to fit the mold to be accepted by your peers, the public or social media. It’s all about being original and how you can tell your story. The overnight sensations and those people who quickly came to fame won’t always know what to do with all that fame because it’s a great chance that they wouldn’t know how to appreciate it. Remember your storytelling will set you apart if you keep it true.


Dope Trendsetter Niema GrahamPMA: Hustling is such a big part of entrepreneurial and artistry lifestyle. What does your everyday hustle look like? What’re your top three keywords for coaching a hustling young woman attacking her goals?


NG: My everyday hustle goes a little something like this…I work a 9-5 job every day that I almost hate but very grateful to take care of myself and pay my bills. I work every day and while on my breaks, downtime and lunch breaks I do try my best to squeeze in the opportunity to do something for my home life and my business. Every week starting Sunday, I always write down or take note of what I need to accomplish in the week then I try everything I can in my power to complete those tasks. Keep in mind that even certain tasks that we may not want to do can also help us to grow and become better boss ladies. ALWAYS WRITE OUT YOUR PLANS AND GOALS. NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES TO GET IT DONE.

The three key things I would say I wouldn’t be able to put into just words is, “To always remember that you are the creator and your ideas can take you far”, “You are the architect of your life along with everything else in it”, “You’ve been blessed with a skill that not everyone are able to acquire, keep that, water the garden for growth, watch what happens.” The most important thing to do if you’re a believer is to just go to God on everything. He is you #1 listener and supporter.

Dope Trendsetter Niema Graham

PMA: What’s next in your career?

 NG: In this upcoming year, the goal is to finish what was started such as Art. Life. Vibes. Season 1 and complete the production of “Life as Junnie Brown” Season 2. The goal is to make our way into the film festival circuit and to also connect with our viewers. I would say to the people please don’t sleep on me, I am here and I will be coming out swinging with new content for everyone to view and enjoy themselves watching as well. I’m excited to collaborate and work with new people to accomplish a goal and all the new content that I’m in the process of planning and executing. Please stay tuned, tell a friend to tell a friend.


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