Dope Millennial Trendsetter: Terrace Sherman

Dope Millennial Trendsetter: Terrace Sherman

Dope Millennial Trendsetter: Terrace Sherman

Terrace Sherman is one of the dopest millennial trendsetters to support and look out for in 2018. With a passion for events, all things beauty, fashion, business and marketing, Terrace is making waves in the industry and providing knowledge to young black women in Atlanta branching out globally via social media networking. Sherman is the CEO and founder of Couture, Inc., a corporation specializing in marketing, events, eCommerce, and beauty.


Pardon My Audacity’s founder, Jasmine Jackson, got a moment to catch up with the young queen and present her work to the readers.

Dope Millennial Trendsetter: Terrace Sherman

PMA: Tell the readers one statement that motivates you to boss this sh*t called life.

TS: My life is not just about me.  I am here to create, inspire and serve others.

Dope Millennial Trendsetter: Terrace ShermanPMA: What is your niche/niches? How hard is it for women of color in work in this field?

TS: My niches are marketing and branding. I believe in any field women of color will still face many of the same battles. Having to work twice as hard, having to be twice as good, and operating in a generation that believes Instagram is the end all be all to marketing and branding your business. I keep it together by not taking anything personal, and speaking up. Say what you need to say and let the chips fall where they may, because when you don’t speak up your counterparts think you don’t know what you are doing. Also, KNOW YOUR SHIT because when you do speak up if you haven’t done your research and you aren’t knowledgeable it will show.

A major key in keeping it together is making sure you take time for yourself. I meditate, read, and take walks by myself when I am feeling overwhelmed or need to get my emotions in check.

Dope Millennial Trendsetter: Terrace Sherman

PMA: Hustling is such a big part of entrepreneurial and artistry lifestyle. What does your everyday hustle look like? What’s your top three keywords for coaching a hustling young woman attacking her goals?

Dope Millennial Trendsetter: Terrace ShermanTS: My daily hustle is me waking up at 4-4:30 am (without an alarm) checking and responding to emails and notifications for 20 mins or so. I head to the gym. Once I am back home, I double check that I have my email lists and social media posts scheduled and ready to roll for the day as well as my packages that are ready to go out for the day.

I head into the office around 8am (I do have a day job as a marketing coordinator). At noon, I ship out all of my orders and check in with my team to ensure their orders have gone out as well, and that all tracking info is accounted for. I leave the office at 5. I have recently launched my first book and I am working to have some eBooks launched by the new year so from about 6-10 I am working on those.

From 10-12, I am working on scheduling my posts for the next day and cleaning up odd jobs like reconciling my expenses or taking inventory. Late nights and early mornings are my life. I’m making it a resolution to get more sleep in the new year lol.

PMA: What’s next in your career?

TS: Next in my career is this journey to becoming an author. My book “Own the Throne” launches January 3, 2018. I’ll be promoting and marketing my book as well as its corresponding podcast, Crowned. I am also launching the HustleHER’s Ambition mentoring program.

Dope Millennial Trendsetter: Terrace Sherman

PMA: What is next for you?

TS: I am hosting a book launch/signing on January 3, 2018, from 7-9pm at Open for Business 228 Auburn Ave. Atlanta, GA. There will be a live interview/discussion about the book, I’ll be signing copies of the book, there will be refreshments and a glam station.

Dope Millennial Trendsetter: Terrace Sherman

Terrace Sherman, thank you for being on with us and giving your nuggets of wisdom.

If you’d like to follow Terrace, here are the links to her channels:

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