Dope Millennial Trendsetter:Jac’Quay Martin Weatherly

Dope Millennial Trendsetter:Jac’Quay Martin Weatherly Dope Millennial Trendsetter:Jac’Quay Martin Weatherly

Welcome back dope ass millennial trendsetters, today we meet Jac’Quay Martin Weatherly exploring all her dope endeavors and speaking life into her businesses!

Jac’Quay Martin Weatherly is a 27-year-old Brand Manager and Multiple Businesses Owner. She is the owner of Kink’D Hair Boutique & Salon/KHB Trading which is a hair, lash, edge control, custom packaging wholesaler/retailer and full service salon. Weatherly owns Booked & Boujee, a online boutique offering some of the hottest accessories, hair and sunglass wholesale and founder of Pink Boss University.

Pink Boss University is where women come together and create businesses, encourage, intertwine businesses, build a team rather than compete and mentor future pink bosses. We strive to be the best in areas to include Leadership, Career Planning, College Planning, Beauty. Self Confidence, Service and Brand Development. 

PMA got a chance to sit and talk with Mrs. Jac’Quay Martin Weatherly, Read what’s up!

PMA: Tell the readers one statement that motivates you to boss this sh*t called life.

JMW: I go by the saying“I got my start by giving myself a start”. –Madame C.J. Walker. I took a leap of faith and God has ordered all of my steps. Favor is not Fair baby!!!  I also believe that no one is going to do you like you do you. I stay in my lane and that is what makes me successful. I compete against myself everyday.

PMA: What is your niche/niches? How hard is it for women of color in work in this field? Offer a word of advice To those young girls reading about how YOU keep it together in your field.

JMW: My niche is branding. I offer multiple services through different brands. I am a marketing guru. My brands sell themselves because I am honest and I sell what I know.  Education is the key. I know that my purpose is to help other women become successful  and to share the knowledge. God has blessed me because I listened to him. So my advice is do not go into business for the money or because it is the “popular” thing to do now do it because it is a passion.  Remember little sister that it is OK to be different because I wasn’t the cool kid but now I am  pretty dope . No one determines your success but you so you may get 25 No’s but keep pushing because you will receive a yes. JUST KEEP GOING!!!

Dope Millennial Trendsetter: Jac'Quay Martin WeatherlyJac’Quay received her Bachelor of Arts from Clark Atlanta University in Fashion Design and Merchandising and both her Masters, one in Entertainment Business and other in Marketing from Full Sail University.  She truly stands behind Clark Atlanta University’s Motto “ Find a Way or Make One”.

Dope Millennial Trendsetter: Jac'Quay Martin Weatherly

PMA: Hustling is such a big part of entrepreneurial and artistry lifestyle. What does your everyday hustle look like? What’s your top three keywords for coaching a hustling young woman attacking her goals?

JMW: My everyday hustle consist of  waking up ( Thanking God), Kissing my husband before he leaves for the day to work,  straighten up home if need be, start packaging orders,  post office, come into shop and check inventory. Next, I look over any emails, provide any consultations, brand on social media, reach out to potential clients, check on regular clients,  start on orders that has came through, head home, cook dinner and respond to emails. I average about 25 to 30 emails a day and about 50 to 75 comments on social media comments. I was in corporate America and decided to take a leap of faith.. and I am happy that I have this opportunity.

Three keywords:



Never Give up

Dope Millennial Trendsetter: Jac'Quay Martin Weatherly

PMA: What’s next in your career?

JMW: I am looking forward to opening another store in the mall soon.  Super excited. My next event is June 2, 2018 6pm to 8pm at The Gill Gallery in East Point, Ga.   It is a business bestie social event. The event is a monthly event.  Women come out for some speed networking, empowerment, food vendors and partnerships.  If your are looking for someone to uplift you? Support you? Need to find someone to barter with? How about plan out a calendar for business events, fashion shows, projects that the sisterhood creates by collaboratively.

Ladies, with all the business this millennial is poppin’ all around Atlanta I am CERTAIN that you could support her at all cost! Click to Support:


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