Fancy: Baltimore

Fancy: Baltimore

In the face of adversity, black people continue to find ways to rise above it! Riots have gone on for quite sometime in that the last Baltimore Riot of 1968 dealt with the same issue, race. Race is the biological and psychosocial differences between groups of people. It has been very difficult for people of color to advance in this world and more importantly the United States. Any great black leader that has emerged has been assasinated.
April 27, 2015 marked the day of the beginning of the riot shortly after Freddie Gray’s funeral. 250 arrests were made while 20 police were injured according to The time was approximately 3:30 p.m. This week has been life changing on so many levels. Finding the strength to fight back has taken some time. Black people are criminalized, institutionilized, sterotyped, and judged on a daily basis. Black men face the most imminent threat to their lives at the hands of law enforcement officials.
To be put in the category of an endangered species, creates a change in the mindset. There is no room for peaceful conversations or a gentle approach to the problem. Hostility will not be met with kindness and to continue to perpetate religion as an excuse is a dying tradition. How many times must we turn the other cheek? We are not heard, our needs are not being met, and everyday we lose a father, brother, cousin and friend. There needs to be a message sent that we will not stand idle while you destroy our being.
I speak for the ones that have had to live in a heavily policed area. I speak for myself. One night my fiancée and I were simply riding to the store. A policeman followed us with no headlights and stopped behind our car. He got out of the car and attempted to come to the driver side of the car. My fiancée pulled off because we had no warning we were being stopped. The cop got back in his car then chased us with the lights on. Once we came to a stop, the officer approached our car with heavy flashlights. He said the car was a different color on the original information, my man had simply painted the car. The officer assumed it was stolen. The fear I felt that night could not be explained because we could not protect ourselves if he decided to open fire. Police officers harass black people and have been using the law to carry out racism. Originally, the police were invented to protect the property of whites. They were never meant to protect us. This is a state of emergency and action must be taken.
02baltimore_officers2-articleLarge-v3Due to the uproar in Baltimore, 6 police officers were indicted with the murder of Freddie Gray and there happens to be 2 black men and one black woman.  Officer Caesar Goodson; Lt. Brian Rice; Sgt. Alicia White; Officer Garrett Miller; Officer William Porter; and Officer Edward Nero were all charged. Bail was set at $350,000 for four of the officers and $250,000 for the other two, according to court records. By late Friday, court records showed the officers had been released from jail. The death of Freddie Gray, 25, a week after he suffered a spinal cord injury brought to about increasing tension between the police and poor neighborhoods in this majority-black city, culminating in rioting and looting on Monday. Every black city is Baltimore. Take a stand today and for the rest of your life!

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