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coachella As the weather warms up, the turn up gets real. Music festivals become necessary and gathering friends to go turns into an adventure infused with short shorts, midi tops, tanks, and cute sandals. If you enjoy being outside and in the midst of a large crowd with tons of fun, Coachella is the place for you. It is held in Indigo, California and worth every dime that you will spend.

It has everything that you need to enjoy yourself: food, fun, celebs, fashion, music, art, and tons of freedom. Coachella is a modern day Woodstock. If you are not familiar with Woodstock, it was the ultra hippy experience from the 1960’s. It was all rock artists and now at Coachella there is a blend of artists rocking the stage. This year you could have caught acts like Drake, Madonna, Azalea Banks, AC/DC, Kimbra, and many more. The lineup this year was bananas; this music festival offers fans and free spirit a chance to come alive in a crowd filled with similar souls. What’s more interesting is what is at Coachella; there are human foosball, activity tents, Bad dancing competition, cell phone charging region, and so much to experience in the middle of the Colorado Desert.

Fashion for Coachella is simple, unusual, and nothing short of amazing. Large sun hats, flip flops,  and maxi skirts and dresses. Flower headbands are totally welcome along with round lens sunglasses. For women, the fashion ranges from grungy rock star to bohemian chic. Makeup should be a look that transforms from day to night. Tinted moisturizers with SPF 30 are a must when you are in this element.
Men’s fashion ranges from Classic Beach Bum to Surfer. Shorts,  tanks,  t-shirts,  and comfy flip flops or Converse. Cargo short pants are perfect for this event in that you can pack light items without having your girlfriend stuff her bag.  You definitely want to be free to move around and large bags will limit your fun ladies. Instead opt for a waist pouch, they are cuter now or a mini clutch with the strap attached.
To be able to be apart of Coachella is something you will never forget. Next year, you will find me there among my friends having the time of my life. It is always best to step outside of your element and live in the moment. Grab some friends, grab your boyfriend, grab some of your family members and make them go with you. Life is meant to be lived! Coachella was huge this year and will be even bigger next year. Plan ahead because people are preparing to attend the next event even now.  As always keep fun and keep it Fancy.
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