Fancy: Fall Fashion Trends

Fancy: Fall Fashion Trends


Fall is here but many times people have trouble making the transition. The looks for fall can sometimes become a blur. The days are warm and the nights are cool and cozy. Let’s dig into your closet for a minute.

It’s good to start with basics, long sleeve t-shirts, quarter sleeve t-shirts, leggings, jeans/capris, ankle boots, riding boots, combat boots, and lots of scarves. Omg! Don’t panic if you have none of these items. Sales are happening at Old Navy, Charlotte Russe, and JC Penney. You can be fly for less than $100 bucks.


Building your trendy fall wardrobe can become a no-brainer. Think of darker tone hues, nude hues, and vibrant reds, yellows, blues. Oranges look really nice too. I love how ladies dress for the fall in cooler climates, like New York or D.C. That is my go to for fall looks. The women there look really amazing. And PMA loves Sex and The City!


Do something new with texture, stripes, and colored jeans. There are some new soft jeans at Rue 21 that I picked up. They’re really cute and comfortable. I paired the red jeans with chestnut riding boots and a black and white striped shirt. I also wore a cream skinny belt to blend everything together. Play with looks to come up with something fresh and unique.


My fall makeup looks include nude and berry hues. I love gold and incorporate it into every outfit with midi rings and bracelets. My nails are translucent neutral to maintain a clean look. Lately in Little Rock, people have been wearing shorts and it bugs me. I mean it’s October, let summer go! Flip flops, tanks, and maxi dresses look amazing in warmer weather but are a no no in the fall unless you live in Miami.

Check out my articles on jackets. Camo is still in but mix it with red and khaki. Keep it fancy, fashion, and fierce.

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Jenne’ Richardson is from Little Rock, Arkansas but enjoys fashion from all over the world. She enjoys making fashion statements with her eclectic pieces and is always changing her hairstyles. All of her friends consider her the go-to guru when it comes to putting a look together. Jenne’ considers herself to be a fashionologist, because she believes fashion represents your personality. As a Psychology major from PhilanderSmith College, Jenne’ likes to explore what fashion does to the soul. Her motto is: “Style always gives the first impression”. Follow Jenne via Twitter @Shoeicide25.


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