Fancy: Fashion Meets Art


Fashion Meets Art

If fashion is art and art is fashion, then we are the moving masterpiece. When I look at clothes, colors, textures, design, shape, and form it brings me to life! Fashion is not only something we see, but it is what we can feel. It is an experience. If you view your clothes as pieces or works of art, I don’t think you can go wrong with creating a look that is original and fresh.


Lately, I have added more rustic colors to my wardrobe such as olive green and bronze. Those colors look great with denim or cream. Pair with a mellow yellow for a pop of color. These colors are very bohemian and look gorgeous in furniture as well. Fashion extends beyond our clothes and represents the world around us. Currently, I am in the process of updating my furniture and I am hoping to create a warm environment rich in beautiful colors. Neutrals are great but without a design can become boring and mundane.


This season, own your looks with variety and a unique quality others cannot resist. Men be sure to embrace color also. It is not just something for women. Men look great in deep reds, blues, green, and orange. Step outside of the B-boy look of tennis shoes and jeans. Try wearing comfortable slacks, a nice button down, and some nice slick shoes. Your lady will appreciate it. Take notes from fashionable men like David Beckham. He and his wife Victoria are known for their impeccable taste. They have created an empire together. Take inspiration from the natural blend of colors you see with the change of the season. Whatever you do, try not to fall into a blur with grey, white, and black. Keep it fancy, keep it fashion, and imitate art!

Photo Credits: Yes Style Blog, design you trust, dezeen, All The Pretties, EaLuxe, Pinterest



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Jenne’ Richardson is from Little Rock, Arkansas but enjoys fashion from all over the world. She enjoys making fashion statements with her eclectic pieces and is always changing her hairstyles. All of her friends consider her the go-to guru when it comes to putting a look together. Jenne’ considers herself to be a fashionologist, because she believes fashion represents your personality. As a Psychology major from PhilanderSmith College, Jenne’ likes to explore what fashion does to the soul. Her motto is: “Style always gives the first impression”. Follow Jenne via Twitter @Shoeicide25.


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