Fancy: Girlfriend Intervention


Fancy: Girlfriend Intervention

Pretty hurts. It’s the soul that needs the surgery. – Beyonce’-

Fashion makeover shows are something that I absolutely love. There is something special about a new wardrobe, new hairstyle, and a new attitude. Make me over, make me nice! One day while I was casually flipping the channels to see what would catch my attention, I stumbled across the show “Girlfriend Intervention.” I was immediately delighted to see four black women sharing their most intimate selves in order to help someone else. This show show is so much more than a fashionable makeover, but a much deeper level of women empowerment.


Taking risks and trusting the judgment of four women with strong personalities requires being humble. Getting a makeover means letting go of all the things that you think make you. Sometimes we get stuck with a certain look based on our lifestyles. We forget to play dress up and what it feels like to be a woman. Don’t let anybody convince you that wearing MAC makeup, virgin weave, stiletto nails, 6″ heels, cute dresses, and chunky jewelry isn’t important. When you forget who you are inside, it begins to show on the outside.


Age is not an excuse to start looking drab. While at work, I heard older women complaining about women coming to work like it was a fashion show. I don’t see anything wrong with looking nice. Envy oozed from their lips but I didn’t let it phase me. Being fly is a state of mind and is an internal element that shines through. Fashion is much more than matching your shoes with your new purse, it’s in the way that you walk and talk. It is the jazz of your entire being. So, if it’s time to change your look, make sure that you do some soul searching first. Keep it fancy, keep it fly, and keep it fashionable.



Photo Credits: – Girlfriend Intervention Promo – Intervention Cast Questions – Before & After MakeOver


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