Fancy: The History of Fashion Week

The History of Fashion Week

Fashion is something all people enjoy, no matter the age or gender. Everyone wants to look good because it makes them feel good. There needed to be a showcase to give people the latest of designer clothing lines for the year. The original place of Fashion Week began in France, which is why going to Paris is such a big deal. The first collection or line of clothing was shown in 1858 by Charles Fredrick Worth.

As time went on, the shows became more elaborate and grandiose which has led to the gorgeous shows we are all dying to attend in present day. With the evolution of fashion came the evolution of Fashion Week. It has become the mecca where art, music, photography, and runway meet to bring an explosion of brilliant creativity under one roof. Now with the instant touch of a button, Fashion Week is right at your fingertips via sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I can only dream of the day where I can attend a fashion show at Fashion Week. I am looking forward to it. Until then, I will continue to write about all things fashion.

Right now, there are 139 Fashion Week shows in different cities, states, and countries. This phenomenon is world wide and has pulled in so many different looks from so many different walks of life. People thrive from waiting for the next year’s show to be bigger and better. For a model to land Fashion Week is huge and has several benefits. I am always in awe of the latest designs and the inspiration that it brings for me. My dream job is to become a fashion buyer and be able to bring a host of looks from designers into the stores. With this goal in mind, I definitely need to put myself in the space for that to happen. What better place to develop than to attend a Fashion Week. If you do nothing else in your life, please find a way to attend one of these shows. I imagine it to be a fun, dramatic, and dreamy experience.

I am in love with the J. Mendel line and watching this collection move down the runway is delightful. Check out the looks displayed for Spring 2015. Ladies and gentlemen keep it fresh, fancy, and fashionable.


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Jenne’ Richardson is from Little Rock, Arkansas but enjoys fashion from all over the world. She enjoys making fashion statements with her eclectic pieces and is always changing her hairstyles. All of her friends consider her the go-to guru when it comes to putting a look together. Jenne’ considers herself to be a fashionologist, because she believes fashion represents your personality. As a Psychology major from Philander Smith College, Jenne’ likes to explore what fashion does to the soul. Her motto is: “Style always gives the first impression”. Follow Jenne via Twitter @Shoeicide25.


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