Fancy: Travel In Style


Fancy: Travel in Style 

When you step out of your zone, the everyday hustle and bustle becomes a distant memory. Vacation should be a time where you forget that you even have a job. You have to remember to define who you are outside of your professional self. A major indication that you work too much is that when you shop, you primarily look for clothes to go to work in. STOP doing that! If you are this person, it is time for you to take a VACATION as soon as possible. 

Vacations are a time to relax, but also a time to be your fly self. Drinks, selfies, bikinis, music, and late nights are all required during a vacation. Yes, all this can be done in the matter of a week or two. Most ladies like to look gorgeous when they step off the plane, train, or boat. So, let’s take a look at some travel must haves when you are headed to your long awaited destination.
glassesIf you don’t already have a nice pair of sunglasses or shades then it is time to invest. I am in love with the new style and how it shapes to my face. They look great to transform your look from midday to sunset. It also protects your eyes from the brightness of the sun. Summer is when I stock up on all the sunglasses I can find because you need different ones for different occasions. 
The most comfortable and sexy look of the season is always the maxi or sun dress. Ladies, these make you feel amazing and they are so easy to throw on. I love to wear mine with fancy sandals or wedges. They make you feel very pretty and allow you to wear gorgeous accessories. Make sure you use a nice body scrub to give your skin that insatiable glow!
Pedicures are an absolute necessity during the late spring and throughout the summer. If you love wearing sandals and showing off your pretty feet, make sure you made an appointment first. Or just do a home pedicure and polish your toes a nice neon shade. Nail polish is also something that you must take with you. I change my nail color all the time depending on my mood. Currently, I am rocking Blanc or White. It looks really nice against my skin tone and makes my outfits look great. Pick a color that works for you!
As always, keep it fancy and keep it fun! Summer is right around the corner! 
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Jenne’ Richardson is from Little Rock, Arkansas but enjoys fashion from all over the world. She enjoys making fashion statements with her eclectic pieces and is always changing her hairstyles. All of her friends consider her the go-to guru when it comes to putting a look together. Jenne’ considers herself to be a fashionologist, because she believes fashion represents your personality. As aPsychology major from Philander Smith College, Jenne’ likes to explore what fashion does to the soul. Her motto is: “Style always gives the first impression”. Follow Jenne via Twitter@Shoeicide25.


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