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This year is a year to enhance and become one with who you are mind, body, and spirit. We may not be able to guide you completely with your spirit, but we definitely got your mind and body covered. Rashad Rousell, Personal Trainer also known as Body By Shody, is taking New Orleans by storm and transforming that pesky body fat into sexy toned and exercised bodies. Jasmine Jackson, Editor-in-Chief, had a chance to catch up with handsome trainer and got the scoop on how to get a Body Like Shody. 

PMA: Tell readers about what you offer your clients.

Shody: At Body by Shody, I offer my clients the best hands on experience with one of the best trainers in the Crescent City. I offer clients the opportunity to push themselves in ways that they never would have imagined. They also get the opportunity to explore many different areas and enjoy the scenery of the Crescent City while training outside and not just in a gym doing the same things repetitively.

PMA: What does it mean to have a “Body like Shody?”

Shody: To have “Body like Shody” is to have the ultimate respect for training and what it takes to transform your body into whatever it is that you are seeking and envisioning. 


PMA: When did you first become motivated to teach and train others to start a healthier lifestyle?

Shody: The whole healthier way of living came a few years back when I retired from playing football and was home doing nothing, but gaining weight and I got tired of it. Once I begin the healthier lifestyle, I got some of my female cousins to come participate with me. They all happened to lose a crazy amount of weight. So I was like “I may have something here,” and that started the madness.

PMA: What are some tips you could tell readers about starting to make healthy lifestyle changes?

Shody: One thing I would tell people about starting this healthy lifestyle journey is don’t wait on anyone else to do it with you. You have to make up your mind and be ready mentally and understand that you didn’t gain the weight overnight and it will not come off like that either. You have to want it and be ready to go get it.


PMA: How often are boot camps? Where can clients find out about you BC’s?

Shody: Well, I have group and individuals sessions. You can find me in any park in New Orleans depending on the clients’ location. People can find out about my training sessions at any of my Instagram training pages: @Body_by_Shody_2 or @Body_by_Shody. Potential clients can contact me anytime there.

PMA: Do you create meal plans with your training?

Shody: Yes, I do full week meal plans specific for each lady. The client will have a meal plan from the time they start until the day they finish training.


PMA: Where do you see your brand going?

Shody: I see my BodybyShody brand being crazy big.  I’m talking about facilities clothes and everything.

PMA: Outside of your fitness training, what would you like readers to know about you?

Shody: Outside of training I would like people to know that I’m just like them. I have my days too, where I’m tempted or don’t feel like doing anything that day. But I always remember the bigger picture and I know if I want to be healthy and live to see my god kids and family grow then I have to do my part.


PMA: Hot Seat Question: Are you single? Where are you and your services located? What’s the hottest part of a woman who actually hits the gym?

Shody: I’m super single. Chuckles. And my training is based out of New Orleans Louisiana and the hottest part of a lady to me is legs when wearing leggings or tights right. Chuckles.  They have to be fitting nice.

There you have it ladies, this young man started out of gaining his own weight and losing his own weight. If you’re ever in the New Orleans area, you better contact this Single, toned, and handsome trainer for all of your workout needs. Mardi Gras is coming up, you better drink and work it off the next day at a local park. We are loving what we have heard so far. Support a black owned business and a lifestyle change.


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