Fitness Spotlight: Preserve Your Pagoda


 Preserve Your Pagoda

Everyone knows how important health is to us here at Pardon My Audacity. It is no secret that there are levels to achieving and maintaining the highest level of fitness. Preserve Your Pagoda is about preserving your temple (body) and reaching goals. It’s about being active, fit, and conscious of what you put in your body and what you do with your body. We had a chance to sit and talk about Preserving Our Pagoda.

PMA: Tell the readers about Preserve Your Pagoda fitness.

PYP: A Pagoda is a temple so figuratively speaking we are preserving your body as it is your temple. We like to motivate and inspire people to get serious about their health. Your health is your wealth.

PMA: What motivated you to start your Meal Prep Sunday’s? And how can people get their meals prepped?

PYP: Meal prep Sunday’s was motivated by my busy work week but eager desire to still keep my healthy eating habits in orders. It is a very convenient option for anyone on the go. Anybody interested in getting weekly meal preparation can email me


PMA: What are go-to meals for weekly meal prep items?

PYP: I try to keep everything in a nice rotation so that things don’t get to boring/redundant however I love chicken and fish as lean meats. I also love eggs I enjoy them boiled or scrambled. I love green beans and spinach and find new ways to prepare them weekly. Something quick and easy is also a salad with some protein on top with light dressing.

DSC_0013PMA: You also own a motivational clothing line right? Tell readers more about it.

PYP: PYPFitness is short for Preserve Your Pagoda; we offer motivational tanks and shirts for men and women of all sizes. They have fun phrases on them for example our latest design says “R.I.P Just Killed The Gym.” We offer some funky colors and some regular colors to fit every person’s desire. The website is and for special orders email We also offer cute leggings and tights for ladies. Workout Tennis shoes can be ordered also at special request for cheaper then market prices. Your body is your temple and like your home you must decorate it.

PMA: Where can readers purchase your merchandise?

PYP: Please follow us on Instagram for updates and new arrivals. Also Like us on Facebook for tips on healthy living.

My website @ also please follow us @pypfitness on Instagram and like us on Facebook @Preserve Your Pagoda


PMA: Will you host boot camps or group detoxes in the future?

PYP: Yes. I will having fun aerobic style classes in the near future!!! Look out for them and be ready to burn calories.

PMA: What’s next for PYP Fitness?

PYP: We are looking to expand the line with new leggings and more cute designs soon. We also will be doing group fitness events and inviting the public to join us.

PMA: Where do you see PYP Fitness going?

PYP: PYPFitness is growing and we are ready. I just want to provide the community with the resources of healthy living. My goal is to inspire SOMEbody and even if that is just 1 person my job is done.


With just a few steps, you can transfer you energy into positive and fitness energy. Open your mind and Preserve Your Pagoda and quickly ladies and gents. You must be aware of everything you have to offer yourself and what you put in your body. We love this idea and we ask you support this small business.

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