Five Reasons to Love Olivia Pope


5 Reasons to Love Olivia Pope

We are glued to the television for “T.G.I.T” for Shonda Rhimes and what she has to give us: Life. We love our Grey’s and now we are in love with Scandal. But what are we more in love with? Matter fact, the question is who are we in love with. It is Olivia Pope. PMA is giving you 5 Reasons To Love Olivia Pope every Thursday night!

Every woman has a little Liv in them and it’s about figuring out what it is and utilizing it in our every day life. We advise you all to grab you a glass of wine, popcorn, and relax on your couch to examine just how amazing this woman is. Here are Five Reasons to Love Olivia Pope:

1. Olivia Pope is strong and fearless. She will stand with her clients, friends, and confidants making sure that they are protected. She is smart, intuitive, willing to fight for the rights of others, and she doesn’t back down from anyone.

2. She is stylish. Her closet is filled with Max Mara and Prada as she graces our screens every Thursday. Her military-cut or clean-cut jackets, professional palettes keep us every gals wishing for her style.


3. She has amazing sex. After those long and stressful days, Liv has her a glass of wine with a side of sexy Fitz or Jack! She isn’t only have safe sex but hot, passionate, ‘you like it when I make you moan’ sex with powerful men. How many times have you screamed at the tv “Yasss, Liv, Yasss?”


4. Olivia Pope has a mouth piece that can check the masses. She will check you intelligently and have all the pieces of the puzzle lined up. No one can win against her or Papa Pope.

5. Olivia Pope is the only woman on television that absolutely slays and gets the job done. There is no opponent, politician, or Melly that can stop her from fixing any situation at anytime. Honestly, she left Washington, came back from a perfect island paradise, and solved the rapist murder situation!

From day one to now, Shonda Rhimes has introduced a woman that we all have a piece of inside of us. We only have to capture that inside of us and pull it out. By the way, please peep Olivia’s fashion and keep a look out for an Olivia Pope fashion line coming! We will be reporting pieces too.

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