Food for Thought


Hey my PMA gals and guys! I would just like to drop this in your spirit that though the funds may be low, times may be rough if you feel you were destined to do something I promise you… You have got to get off your ASS and make it happen yourself.

Ever been waiting for a check to come to purchase something valuable? Man, let me tell you I didn’t have money to purchase cards but I had previous knowledge of graphic design and a damn printer and made my own flyers…

Moral of the story: God gives you a vision/plan/future but nothing will happen unless you take that plan and start acting on it for God to see the work. Do NOT sit around in a dump; try and try and try until God drops that blessing he’s been prepping you for!


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One thought on “Food for Thought

  1. jamesfantbooks

    Thanks so much for this post. Faith without works is dead. Written as an equation: faith – works = 0. If I add works to both side of the equation I get: faith = work. For as much faith as I have, I must put forth a like manner amount of works. My hustle and grind have to match my vision. Love it. Love it. Love it.
    James Fant


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