Friday-Sunday Lifestyle Change Post

Hey guys! I am 6 lbs down and really getting into this lifestyle change maybe even a little too much. I have to remember I have school and a life outside of working out and eating healthy. As you know Fridays and Saturdays are my free days Thank the good Lord.

Friday was sushi from Rusans and grocery shopping. My team which I need to name made a list and we stuck by it thoroughly! Veggies, fruits, turkey meat, whole wheat and no empty calorie snacks and we avoided HIGH amounts of Sodium and HIGH amounts of Saturated fats as much as we could.

Saturday, I had some bomb homemade turkey meat chili made by my awesome granny and a 4-piece chicken nuggets. It was delightful but I felt bad. And I hadn’t had worked out.

Sunday, I was back from my free days. I cut fresh peppers (red, green and yellow) and some onions. Cut three small chicken breast and made homemade chicken fajitas. No working out because I watched the BET award -__-

The week coming up my goal for weight loss is 3-4 lbs. My team and I decided to double up workouts Monday-Thursday. Oh, we are trying Insanity at night too. Wish us luck. We are all moving toward greatness guys. Best of luck.

 My delicious free day @ Rusans

“Peace, Love and Poetry! 1”


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One thought on “Friday-Sunday Lifestyle Change Post

  1. ameliarojas

    That dish on the left looks delicious – see I told you I’d follow your blog 🙂

    ok well my friend Jas: Don’t forget to follow my blog too 🙂

    I will still remain active on Google+ ~ I am so busy like everyone else and just want to simplify my life a bit at least in terms of “social media” trying to minimize all the unnecessary stuff, keeping it simple that’s all.

    So, I decided to keep only 1social media for now and the winner is! Google+ 🙂

    Anyhow…that’s all for now folks!


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