Get Fit or Go Home


It’s been too long since you have truly done something magnificent for yourself inside of a gym. It’s time to rethink all of your snacking, late night eating, and not going to the gym. This is a challenge to all my readers: GET OUT AND GET FIT!

Losing weight isn’t an easy task, but doing it makes you feel amazing. It’s like something you will never know. Your skin really clears up and your skin tone is brighter and renewed. You can breathe and move and feel …amazing.

I usually make sure I eat before 8 or 9 because I usually am ripping and running no lie. I don’t act like I don’t ever want a snack I make sure that I moderate my snacks. I make my sweet snacks fruit, my “chips” are usually rice cakes or pork rinds. My protein choice is usually chicken or fish I stay away from pork just because it’s a fatty protein. I cut out my pasta, rice, and bread until I am where I am. I keep liquids in me and I take necessary vitamins though they are gross.

I want to ask you to comment at the bottom of this and let me know how YOU keep healthy.



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3 thoughts on “Get Fit or Go Home

  1. La Reina Morena

    I stay healthy by writing! It seems a bit trivial but it is one of many things that keeps me sane! To make sure my mind is alert enough to evoke emotion to write I drink lots of water- nature’s milk to all living organisms. I spice up my life with a dash of cayenne pepper and call it a day. Living to love your body is the only way!

  2. Maryrose

    I love walking with my newborn, running and hiking. If it’s hard for me to get out of the house, I do the Nike Training app on my iPhone while my kids watch Sprout TV.

    ITA that you feel amazing when you’re living healthy. I feel energized and vibrant!! 🙂


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