“Girl, You Can Have Your Own Life Outside of your Relationship!”

Girl, you can have your own life outside of your relationship“Girl, You Can Have Your Own Life Outside of your Relationship!”

How many times have you thought to yourself ‘girl, you can have your own life outside of your relationship!’ while your friend is detailing her and her man’s busy weekend? Yes, your friend is finally with a good guy! Yes, your friend is getting that Vitamin-D regularly and that melanin is leaking through like a natural highlighter. Yes, she has plans for the weekend now and she is hella happy, but honey you start to notice that you all can’t even have brunch without her man tagging along. Now that is a definite problem.  

Doesn’t that shit get tiring? Imagine trying to vent about how your man has been getting on your last nerves lately with and some of you all’s day to day issues, but can’t because she’s always with him or brings him along. You want to be able to spill thot tea, but hell your girl’s better half is tagging along like a younger sibling from back in the day. If he isn’t tagging along, she can’t get away from him either. 

It is perfectly fine for you to keep your identity after you find you that special someone. Hell, if he is as great as you think he will encourage you being who you were prior. It’s not rocket science to know that the infatuation stage is the stage where everyone and thing are left in the dust for a minute as you guys get better acquainted. But after that, things cool down and you begin to cool off and just live.

Make sure that you continue working as hard as you can in your position at work or within your business. It is imperative to go out with friends as time permits. It’s also very important to get your tail in the gym because new love tends to make you a little fluffy, okay? Also, don’t forget to respect his boundaries, space, and not be too clingy. That goes for both parties too.

Either way, make sure you make time for your girl and also keep yourself up as you would without a man.

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